Joe Davis

“Let me start by saying that I have been bracket racing for over 15 years. I joined This is Bracket Racing .Com the day it went on-line. I was hoping to learn some new tricks to throw at my competitors. Not only has This is Bracket Racing .com taught me that it has also taught me to step back and look at the way I perform some of the basic things I took for granted like staging the car and how important that aspect of the race actually is.

What I like best about the site is it makes you think! When you think you usually have questions and Luke is right there at the keyboard to answer them.

This is Bracket Racing. com is everything I thought it would be and maybe even more. I feel it can improve any persons game whether your a seasoned bracket racer or just starting out.”

Joe Davis

2008 Super Pro Points Champion I-57 Dragstrip Member Since 2-3-09


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