Nick Shepherd

Nick Shepherd Member Since 3-30-09

2010 Woodburn Dragstrip Track Champion, Pro ET



“This is the best money I’ve ever spent to help my racing skills. Previous to this site, I understood the fundamentals well, but I always lacked the more advanced knowledge. This site has elevated my racing to a whole new level and the results have come with it too. This cost of the subscription is nominal when you consider how much more money I’ve won this year.”  

We received the following update from Nick at the conclusion of the 2010 season:
"Hey Luke-
Just letting you know that your site has helped me accomplish even more in drag racing.  I am typically very humble about my accomplishments, but I like you to know that your site is really improving people.
I am not sending this to you so you can congratulate me; I am sending this to you to appreciate your site and the personal attention you gave me.  Below were the 2010 achievements: 
- won points series at Woodburn Dragstrip (Portland, Oregon track)
- won the King of the Track run off between all four points series winners
- got "in the money" (quarters or better) all four times I traveled this year.
- won a $3,400 non-electronics gambler race at the Team Finals
- This is also the first year where I spent less than I earned.
- I was voted Driver of the Year by my racer peers at Woodburn
Keep up the site and thanks again."


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