Russell Kreutzer

“Thanks for the great site and a lot of food for thought. I’ve been doing this for 12 years now and have a couple of track championships and several wins, and like all of us we all think we are the best and know everything there is to know about the sport but we really don’t. When I subscribed to the site I was looking for a different look at the mechanics of the sport and that was what I got, same principles but a different way to get the job done. It also jogged my memory to not forget about the basic stuff that is key to winning that gets lost over the years. I figured if I could walk away with a couple things and apply them to help me win it will pay for itself, which it has and I’ve came out with more than a couple new processes to win rounds. The same goes for TIBR Live (which I was able to attend at Mo-Kan Dragway in May), it was a great experience and I walked out of there with more knowledge than I knew what to do with. The best part of the school was the driving portion. You never get to practice different scenarios on the track which you created for us. And the one on one teaching approach works very well. And the personal tips here and there through the day to help break bad habits that I didn’t know I had have paid off. The driving school was a once in a lifetime deal and was a blast and I think everyone that was there walked out with something to improve them. The only bad part about the site and the driving school is that everyone has the opportunity to learn everything that you have taught which makes everyone better not just me! Thanks again for the great insight you are giving us!”

Russell Kreutzer Member since 3-12-09

Graduate of “Live” Driving School at Mo-Kan Dragway


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