Chris Gulitti

I have been drag racing since the year I graduated school in 1986. I became a member of in early June. I am proud to say I have stood in the winners circle with Luke Bogacki at the IHRA Allstars race this year in Rockingham and this dude is the real deal. Does anyone not see the opportunity to gain knowledge from proven winners? Not just from Luke, but from guys with names like Jeg Coughlin, The Williams, Jared Pennington, The Folk’s, just to name a few, you would have resourceful information from guys that WIN week in and week out…that’s priceless to me. This is what they do for a living!

Any information available to me about what I love to do most…can only be beneficial to me. Beneficial information used correctly=WINS. I have 5 wins and 1 r/u to my credit in NHRA and IHRA Top Sportsman racing this year. I am proud to say I have learned and implemented information from the site and it paid me back far more than the $119.00 membership fee.

I have had the opportunity to read a large amount of material on I specifically like the monthly tutorials. I have utilized the information we all tend to…well…forget. I found myself glued to each and every article. I now find myself strategically racing instead of possibly holding on to see if I might get to the final round to collect a win. I finally realized you do not have to be 00 and dead on to win every round…you simply have to minimize costly mistakes, and better your opponent’s package. I simply race with more confidence and knowledge than ever before. Whether you’re holding or dialed hard every lap, you can gain from the information currently available to any member at any time on

For all you get in the amount you pay to be a member of…the schedule alone pays for it self. Anyone who has chased points or certain series of races has had to at one point or another create a possible yearly schedule. That takes massive amounts of research and time…Is that time not worth $119.00 to possibly spend more valued time with loved ones instead of banging on the internet relentlessly for hours and hours to create a possible schedule for the entire year? At all this information (divisionals, nationals, NHRA & IHRA and any big money bracket race $5,000.00 or more) is at your fingertips all on one page. There is far more value in this site than what meets the eye on the surface…but wait ‘til you get on the inside of the some of the most successful racers in the country…YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!”

Chris Gulitti Member Since 6-3-09


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