Bo & Hayden Renfroe

“Hey , this is Bo Renfroe(Hayden's Dad) we were at your school at Holiday Beach. We got the car back a few weeks ago and have raced a couple of times. He is doing great. He raced a 13 year old last weekend(the best out of three just because there wasn't but 2 there) and won the first round, lost the second and in the third he had a .547 light. The other kid had a .524. Hayden ran .02 off and the other .01 off. Great race. The best part was that Hayden wasn't upset, he was just glad to be racing. I just wanted to update you and say thanks. Don't ever think that the work that you guys are doing is not working. IT IS!!!”

Bo & Hayden Renfroe Members since 4-12-09

Graduate of “Live” Junior Dragster School at Holiday Raceway


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