3/22/2012 - March 2012 Tech Talk
Spotlight on Moser Engineering’s new line of Pro Drag Disc Brakes
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9/20/2011 - September 2011 TECH TALK
This month's Tech Talk feature comes to TIBR thanks to KillerRONS.com's James Monroe and Scott Offermann. The duo authors this fantastic column, titled "Seasonal Performance" that details the virtues of methanol (alcohol) in sportsman racing applications.
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7/20/2011 - July 2011 Tech Talk
This month's tech talk is penned by former NHRA Super Comp World Champion and longtime performance engine builder Matt Driskell. In this column titled "Engine Maintenance," Matt shares a number of recommendations and thoughts on protecting your engine investment.
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3/15/2011 - March 2011 Tech Talk
"Purchasing a Used Dragster" By Luke Bogacki with help from J.B. Strassweg, Matt Cooke, Mark Horton, and Russ Farmer.
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8/25/2010 - August 2010 Tech Talk
"Putting My Whip On a Diet; Making the Switch to an Aluminum Block" By Luke Bogacki
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6/2/2010 - May 2010 Tech Talk
This "Tech Talk" segment features an interview with sportsman racing standout and Dixie Racing Products owner Matt Cooke.
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2/26/2010 - March 2010 "Tech Talk"
Data Acquisition & specifically the Auto Meter "Stack" Dash
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