APD Member Spotlight Blog (July): Jeremy McKague


Train Kept a Rollin’
                The following week Jason was going to be out of town so I had the bright idea to take both race cars to Gateway and enter 4 classes: Super Pro 1/4th, Super Pro 1/8th, Pro 1/4th, and Pro 1/8th. I had three rain out tech cards from the hail storm stay so it only cost me $60 to enter the 4th class. I also had to stop and buy a new winch to be able to unload the dragster. I thought with racing 4 classes it would be more efficient to use two cars. Fortunately for me Denny’s nephew and my buddy Bob went along and he agreed to serve as my crew chief. He helped unload, load, fuel, charge and warm up both cars. I could have never kept up without him. Thanks Bob! I decided even though the Cavalier was on a top bulb tear that I would foot brake that car in both Pro classes and run the dragster in both Super Pro classes. Time runs went ok. In the dragster with 1.130 delay I was .001 and run 4.804 @ 144.36 and 7.535 @ 178.71. Then on the second hit went -.008 and 4.799 and 7.528. The Cavalier went .062 5.827 @ 116.57 and 9.223 @ 143.54   The second hit I tried using the trans brake which I never had bc I speculated the car reacts way to quick well I guess that is one theory of mine that was correct as I was .058 red and clicked it off at the 1/8th for a 5.821. Looks like we’re back to foot braking.
R1 Super Pro 1/8th (Left 1.138 4:32pm) I draw Steve Rodgers in his Omega. I dial 4.81 as we are the first pair out following sportsman and my car has been known to slow up in the first pair out. He dials a 6.09 Steve shows me who the boss is and goes .000 and dead on 5. I am .007 on the tree and just wasting fuel. I park behind to be 2 above. Here is the video link to admire a nice .005 package. Wait does that sounds weird for me to tell you to admire his package?  Either way I need a $30 buyback. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5xo7SyTAA4&feature=plcp
R1 Pro 1/8th (Right 5:12pm) Let’s condense this a little. I dial 5.88, my guy is red and I am .040 and 5.831 @ 117.30
R1 Super Pro 1/4th (1.140 Left 5:31pm) I have to run the first car I ever drove in Super Pro competition. Corey’s dad Curt has purchased this car a few years ago and their engine builder is driving it today. He dials 9.96 and I dial 7.54 He is red and I am .026 and 7.545 @ 179.06  
R1 Pro 1/4th (Left 5:54pm) My guy is dialed 9.70 and I am 9.26, we are both 3 on the tree however his is red and mine is green. I like all these red lights against me vs. the perfect one I seen earlier. I run it out and pick way up to go 5.805 and 9.166 @ 145.20 Guess my car likes that big tail wind that has picked up?
R2 Super Pro 1/8th (1.138 Left 6:54pm) I drag Todd Hansen in his wheel standing Camaro. Todd dials in a 6.19 and I go with the honest 4.81 although I am not sure it is honest as the sun is getting low and I expect the track to get better. Todd nails me to the tree with his .013 to my .025 but I get lucky and he can’t run the number. I kill 8 mph to take .003   Yikes looks like I tried to lose that one twice. First with a crappy light and second by giving up the stripe. My 330 says I’m only going low 4.82 so I need to quick making the stripe so close when I’m dialed honest.
R2 Pro 1/8th (Left 7:14pm) I dial a 5.84 which I believe means I’m holding 4. My opponent is dialed a 7.06 He is .093 and I am .014 and I take .0007 to be 9 above. What happened to not being a hero and taking triple zero when you know you have killed a ton. Thankfully another break went my way.  My 330 says I was going a low 5.80 This is what getting lucky looks like, no it’s not porn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyPSZRD1kkA&feature=youtu.be
R2 Super Pro 1/4th (1.138 Left 7:37pm) I have to run Dave Rodgers and his Dad Steve was .000 on me in round 1 of 1/8th mile. Dave is dialed in at a 9.54 and I dial 7.54 which I believe to be straight up. About 3 pair back I go to put my helmet on and realize I left it on the roadster after last round. When I pull up to be two pair back I spot Bob and Denny sitting on the scooters watching and I give them the frantic I don’t have a helmet signal. If you don’t know what that is, imagine me waving my arms rapidly and then pretending like I am ramming an invisible helmet on my head. We’ll obviously everyone understands this signal and Bob takes off on the scooter. He arrives back when I am pulling into the water. I don’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t made it in time. Well looks like Dave was trying to duplicate his father’s feat against me but he came up just short with a -.001 red light and .007 under pass. I laid down a nice lap at .000 and .006 under. I went 4.802 in the 1/8th so the track appears to have come back. 
R2 Pro 1/4th (Left 8:21pm) I draw Don Rausch and he dials in at 10.18 I dial in with a 9.20 and know I am holding as I went 9.16 the last run. When we are waiting there was an oil down that required about 30 minutes to clean up. Then when we are 3 pair back there was another delay. We leave and Don is .060 and I am .016 The Cavalier is a handful but I get lucky and Don can’t run the number and is almost 8 over. I skate and slide and manage to kill about 7 mph to be .11 over while taking .013. The Cavalier lost 3 hundredths in the 60, 7 hundredths in the 1/8th and 8 hundredths to the 1000ft. I don’t know if they missed some oil or what but that was ridiculous. Watch this sketchy run. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SlUzRM34q8&feature=youtu.be
R3 Super Pro 1/8th (1.142 Left 8:43) Why did I pull down the left lane right after I know it sucked in the Cavalier. Apparently because I’m stupid. The first time I thought about that is right now. I know the track sucks so I dial a 4.94 Yes I went up a 10th or so. My opponent is dialed 5.73   My great strategy was foiled as I was terrible on the tree .049 and he wasn’t .001. I park .024 behind to be one above and lose to his 4 above. The dragster lost 3 hundredths in the 60 and 5 hundredths in the 330. Alright both my cars can’t be junk.
R3 Pro 1/8th ( Right 8:53pm) Yes I am finally smart enough to changed lanes. My opponent who I ran in round 1 of quarter mile dialed in at a 6.17 He had run a 6.158 that run but I still don’t think he can run that in the left lane. He was in the right when we ran earlier. I have to assume just one lane is bad. I don’t think the sun going down could do it. I expect there is still some oil in the left. I dial the conservative 5.97 We leave with his .074 to me .032 I immediately stick it into high gear and get my first rips in around 80 feet out.   Good news is that I win taking .017 to be one tenth over. The bad news is I have no clue if this lane is any better. My opponent could only run 7 over so I was correct in thinking that lane sucked. At least it isn’t just my cars. 
R3 Super Pro 1/4th (Right 1.138 9:11pm) I draw Scott Offerman who is a two time Gateway super pro champion. I think I have the advantage here only bc Scott is going to go down the left lane. We are on the ladder and I have lane choice as the quicker car. Scott dials in at a 7.89 which I don’t think he can run at least I hope he can’t. I don’t think he ran the last round of Super Pro 1/8th so he doesn’t know that lane is terrible. I dial a 7.68 as I don’t really know if the right lane is good or not. Scott misses it and is .034 and I am .007 I was right and Scott can’t run the number he dumps at the end to run 8.01 and I run 7.795 taking .0344 at 158.82 Judging by my 60 ft this lane is fine and I most likely was on a 7.54 pass or so. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKqS6MloJrs&feature=plcp
R3 Pro 1/4th (Right 9:27) I draw the same opponent that I raced in the second round of Pro 1/8th. I dial a 9.62 even though I have run as quick as 9.16 I dialed up so much bc I want to get into high gear early bc I’m not sure of the track and now there is lightning in the area and the storm is blowing in some different air which I don’t know how it will change everything. I also picked 62 bc Denny was born in 1962 so I just dropped the 1. He said it would work. We leave with me getting a .013 to .048 edge and I take a sloppy .026 to be .041 under. But wait there is a happy ending and he is .050 under. Lucked out again. I got it into high gear very early and only run a 5.94 but I am starting to have confidence in the lane. 
R4 Pro 1/8th ( Right 9:52pm) There is a storm coming in so they are hurrying us. I have to run Lloyd Jennings who knocked me out in the semi finals of pro in the 1st points race here this year. He dialed 7.41 and I dialed 5.97   My though it that I just ran a 5.94 short shifting so I am going to shift the same and hope to know what I’m holding. Lloyd is red in front of me so I change my strategy and shifted a little higher but it was still short of my normal 6500rpm at about 6000rpm. I run it out to a 5.875.
R4 Super Pro 1/4th (Left 10:03) I have the bye run and checked the ladder to see that I have to run my buddy Corey Landolt the following round. Corey has made every pass in the left and it is my plan to put him in the right which I think will break him out. Plan failed as the track is too loose for my liking between the 330 and 660 so I bail at the first stripe and coast out.
R4 Pro 1/4th (Right 10:18) My opponent, Don Bryant, is dialed a 10.52 and I am certain there is no way he can run this for two reasons. One I know a round ago he run a 10.54 and now I’m putting him in the left lane and two the storm is close and we have picked up over a 20 mph head wind. Watch the video right at the beginning and you can see the lighting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F3GbeHR-MY&feature=youtu.be  I go with the 9.62, hey it worked last time and I know I can run it, and I am taking the stripe at all costs. He is .051 and I am .033 I get it into high gear early and take the stripe by .028 to be 9 over while he is a full 10th over.
R5 Pro 1/8th Semi final 3 cars left ( Right 10:34pm) I dial a 5.89 and he is dialed a 6.93 He is .031 and when I leave I can’t believe I red lighted. You know those feet have a mind of their own. The only thing is my tree is green. I was .001, for another lucky break, I take .016 at 104 to be 4 above and get around his 3 above. This puts me into the 1st final of the night. 
R5 Super Pro 1/4th ( Right 1.140 10:47) We talked about splitting at 4 due to the impending storm but Jason Grams, “Smokey” said no way as he was in both super pros yet and wanted a chance to double up. I actually caught most of this on film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r95a3p8Os-w I have to run Corey and I decide to be kind enough to leave him in his left lane. It had nothing to do with the fact of what happened on my bye run. He dials 7.66 and I dial 7.60 I know if it sticks I could go as quick as 7.53 We both were stellar on the tree with him holding a .022 to .031 advantage. I took .010 to get the 3 over win. The left lane bit Corey as he was 5 over. My 330 says I was going 7.53   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsLaqnyGwa0&feature=plcp I am know in my 2nd final of the night.
R5 Pro 1/4th Semi finals My opponent is dialed 10.24 and I went with the Denny approved 9.62   I staged it light I was driving a dump truck and know I am in deep. My mental delay box rolled in too many when I though don’t red light and I was a smooth .089 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu0roDDvBus thankfully I caught another break and he was .104 I took .016 to be one above. He was also one above and we both went 131. I killed a lot early and made my move late as I hoped it would keep him from parking me off. I gave it a fist pump and it actually made it lighting. Make sure you watch right past the finish line. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXWhLRvaQvI&feature=youtu.be This puts me into a 3rd final. 
I go up for the first final and Steve Pearson asks me if I want to split. I say sure and right when I do it starts to rain like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2ihL_FrFPs The last thing I said to Steve was I think we are splitting even and I took off for the trailer. Thankfully Bob and Denny jumped right in to help me get loaded up. We all 3 got soaked and the Cavalier got wet but it could have been much worse. I’m sure they were thinking it ain’t easy having pals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX0MiXBrL84  We split all the money 50/50 I am disappointed it rained out as I wanted to go for the triple up but I can’t believe the rain held off that long and maybe it saved me from losing all 3 of them and being disappointed.
Looks like the train is still rolling. I hate to sound like I’m bragging but I can’t believe the run I’m on. The last 4 weeks were: Tulsa semi final, gamblers win, and ran myself in the final; Benton semis in the prizm; Jeg’s US Open where I runnered up in the 20k race then made the quarterfinals , and tonight being in 3 finals at Gateway. To my knowledge no one has ever been in 3 finals in the same night at Gateway. I hope to keep it going. 
$5097 beginning balance - $90 entries and buyback -$70 winch + $1600 winnings = $6537
                The following week starts out with a special Friday night. My wife and I get to go out for our 10 year anniversary. True it isn’t for around 3 weeks but I will be out of town racing at the TennTuck on our actual anniversary and she if fine with that. What a great lady! We had a wonderful evening that included a nice night to ourselves with a movie and then a nice dinner. I leave my house at 5:00am the next day to return to Gateway for a Super Chevy Race. Saturday they are having a bonus race that only pays a jacket and trophy but on Sunday Super Pro pays $2500 and Pro pays $1500 so I figure it’s worth the time. It costs $65 per class plus $25 more per class for the bonus race. I also pay $50 and $20 to be put in the last man standing pots that the racers put on by themselves. These pots are to make up for the fact the bonus race has no payout and only apply to Saturdays races. Time trials went great even though it took us an hour to park. Why did it take us so long? Well the new parking Gestapo at Gateway had us move two different times for reasons that made no sense. Also within an hour there were someone parked in both places and they stayed there all weekend. I was rooming with Curt and Corey Landolt this weekend. If you don’t remember Corey is now racing the dragster Jason won at the 2010 Jeg’s Us Open. Also to refresh your memory I was down to 7 cars in that race when I got paired with Jason. We had to flip a coin as we were both driving the same car and I guess Tails really doesn’t fail. So back to this weekend. Even though our time trials were at 9:30am and 2 pm and the temperature had risen to 90+ the dragster went 4.772 and 4.776 and the roadster went 5.773 and 5.776 
R1 Super I draw Mark Holloran and his very quick 4th Generation camaro. Mark is dialed a 5.01 and I am 4.81 I am .020 and his brake rolls deep and he is red. I do a little experimentation and go 4.84 at 127mph. I lost .005 to the 330.
R1 Pro I have to race Little Julio who is a tough competitor. I dial 5.81 and he is 6.97 I expect it to slow up now as the roadster is more traction dependant than the dragster plus it is very hot now and the sun has come out from behind the clouds where it has been the last few hours. He is .031 and I am .008 red. He is 4 above so the window was open. I lift early but did lose 2 hundredths in the 330. Fortunately this race that pays nothing has buybacks. I must do it bc I want to have a chance to win the $20 pool I am in. I think the payout is now over $500 and a $10 buyback sounds reasonable.
R2 Super Pro I am paired with Doug Graf and he is dialed 4.91 and I dial 4.81 He is .012 and dead on 4 killing a few thou at the end. I am .009 and rip it too early and can’t get there and run 4.829 I would like to say I could tell there was no room in front but I won’t lie to my 3 readers. I dummied it up. Also that crack in the window was going to be small with his .012 package he was going to lay down. Indian Jones could have rolled through the crack and I should have tried. Instead I was behind and the window was shut by the time I got there and ran my face into it. Don’t worry I don’t just show my good runs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYyWY0xs7Ak&feature=youtu.be
R2 Pro I dial an honest 5.79 and my opponent is 5.71 Why did I dial honest here. Well I know he has several mph on me plus now it is 6:25pm and I expect the track to pick up and I could run a 5.77 again. I stage last and the moment I do the tree is on. I have video proof check it out. Somehow I hit it and go .019 while he is .024 red. I run it out and go dead on 4. Maybe the quick tree is good for me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTJEIybvuyo&feature=plcp
R3 Pro I have to race Barclay Schmidt. He dials 6.31 and I dial 5.81   I can tell there is no room in front of him so I park and look up an my one over loses to his dead on. He was .000 on the tree and I was .025 Now that is a good race!   Alright Alright I’m lying, he was .062 and I was .087 but I like my story better and mathematically it is the same difference. I get caught watching his tree come down even though we are only one bulb difference and it cost me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoD118i0jP0&feature=plcp
So much for the bonus race. Maybe we can do better on Sunday. Sunday is no time run which is fine by me as especially since they have a buyback. 
R1 Super Pro (1.138 Left) I have to race Steve Behnen in his Racecraft dragster dialed in at 4.91 I elect to dial 4.81 confident that I can run that. I have the tree .004 to .021 and take .003 to get the 3 above win. Nice start. Looking at yesterday’s 330 times tells me I was going a 4.78 or low 4.79 
R1 Pro I dial in at 5.82 to my opponents 6.15 He trees me .050 to .062 but I am dead on 2 taking .012 to sneak by for the win. 
R2 Super Pro (Left 1.142) I have to run Dirk Sutton in his Camaro. My delay box is acting up and is responding real slow or not at all when I push the buttons so that causes a lot of concern. Before we run Dirk tells me “just give me a chance.” I respond with “yeah right, you give me a chance.” Turns out the stars lined up and I was .000 and take .004 to beat his .017 dead on nine run. My 330 was .003 slower than the last run so the dragster is looking good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6K0cFtxoAo&feature=youtu.be
R2 Pro Let’s get this over quick. I am massive brain fade and go .017 red while my opponent is .129 and .167 over his dial. I need to do something about these lights. Monday I ordered a terminator button so we will give that a whirl.
R3 Super Pro (Left 1.142) I get the bye run. I dial 4.81 and go .005 and 4.809 Dragster with a big slow down and loses .016 to the 330 Not surprising as it is now 3:00pm and 99 degrees.
R4 Super Pro (Left 1.145) I have to run Doug Graf and elect to dial 4.81 I am dialing honest as I gave up the stripe to him yesterday and don’t want to go down the same way twice. He dials 4.93 we both are tardy on the tree with the advantage of .017 to .035 being in my favor. I take .007 to be 3 above and move onto the ladder. I lost another .008 to the 330 so might have been going high dead on or one above. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQlnAn7v_14&feature=plcp
R5 Super Pro 11 cars remaining. I have to race a Camaro dialed in at 5.96 and I dial 4.82 When we the tree comes on a flinch and know I am late. I give it a bump and watch the car leave and know I am crushed on the tree. Turns out it was .045 to his .019, my only thought going down the track was “the only way I can win is if he breaks out.” As we get down there I can tell I can’t catch him. I roll out of the gas and only kill a little over 3mph to be .006 under. I look at his side and he is .006 under. This sucks, the bad light should have saved me. I knew I needed to get behind and got lazy and never touched the brake pedal. Way to “f” up the chance at some decent money. I guess I could say at least I knew what I should have done. Next time I need to execute. On a positive note I did stay and watch my buddy Corey runner up in their American. Corey was .00 and the car was on a rail until the final with Darryl Sutton finished him with a nice double 0 dead on run.   I didn’t turn on a ton of win lights this weekend and even though I was .045 my last run I feel that I fixed my reaction time problem in the dragster. The helmet cam revealed that I was having a mechanical issue and pushing and releasing the button two different ways. I can’t guarantee I am fixed but at least the only time I was late I knew it. Not too bad of a weekend. Went down a little but at least we still have a positive number.
$6537 beginning balance - $135 entries - $10 buyback -$70 Calcutta + $100 quarterfinal = $6422
                Where to race the next weekend? Looks like we’ll be taking the prizm to Benton as they are having a bike race this week too. Wait, it just got cancelled bc of the heat. Denny and I decide to head to US 36 Dragway in Osborn MO as we have never been to this track. Wait, it got cancelled too. Denny and I make the obvious choice to head to the next closest track open and that is MoKan Dragway is Asbury MO. Now it is true that the track is 252 miles one way. It is also true that I can only race one class and that class only pays $300. It is also true that the forecasted high temperature is 101 degrees. It is also true that it is quarter mile and the prizm will be far more inconsistent. It is also true that they do not allow deep staging so cutting a light will be hard but what else you going to do? We have to go racing. Before we left Saturday morning Denny and I changed the oil in the prizm bc it was due but I had a theory. I had a plan that if we replaced the 5w-30 oil with straight 30w that it may help the consistency. I was going to have a consistent car and win and say this at the end of the day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKp8mYzsQzo
Time run #1 I can’t deep stage so I can’t hit my normal spot on the bottom so I have to try to go when the bottom is coming on. I am .060 and run 19.11 @72.42
Time run #2 I take a few bumps and go .028 and run 19.05 This doesn’t surprise me too much as the prizm normally picks up when warm. The 1/8th mile et weren’t bad 12.37 and 12.34 There is also a 20 mph tail cross wind that is gusting and moving so that will make things challenging.
R1 I dial 19.08 as we had a break after time runs and I expect the car to slow down a little as it will be cooler.  I am .033 to my 12.50 opponents .032 I am 8 over on the floor getting there by .012 to beat his 9 over. 
R2 I dial in at a 19.13 to my 12.80 opponent in the pickup truck. I am .068 and he is .047 I can tell I am going to get there by a bunch and am off the gas about 1200ft and riding the brake across the line to take .143 I know that is a lot but I killed a bunch and he was closing at 37mph. I am only 3 over so I got lucky while he is 2 tenths over. I seen him the next run in another class run a second over so I think he was broke. In fairness to my finish line driving I did pick up .14 to the 1000ft mark. 
R3 I dial 19.07 even though I was going 19.04 last run as the wind has died a little but I think with the runs being quicker together I should be ok. Well let’s just say that I was not. I reverted back to my normal spot on the tree to be .096 to his .035 and then can only run a 19.22   I park it when he comes around me and lose. The plan definitely did not come together but it wasn’t all bad a Denny scored a runner up on his bike. Even though I sucked it up it was better than not racing!
$6422 begging balance - $30 entry - $35 gas = $6357
Funny story in the middle of the week I bought a few pieces of furniture. I called Denny to load up his van and trailer and driver the 40 miles to meet me in Jefferson City. Denny picks me up half way there where Celia and I drop him off. We are driving down the road and Denny’s alternator went out. The same alternator he just changed the day before. So we head straight for the AutoZone where Denny bought the alternator. Fortunately they had exactly one left and loaned him some tools to change it. Unfortunately it was 105 degrees that day!
The man at work
The next weekend brought one of my favorite races. It was time for the TennTuck series at Bowling Green Kentucky. We took off for the track even though they were calling for a good chance of rain all three days. It’s only a little over 400 miles for me one way so why not risk it. Little did we know what an adventure it would be. Thursday night we arrived at the track and dropped the trailer and went back to our beautiful Motel 6. The next morning we arrived at the track and meet Edmond Richardson who was kind enough to bring us two drums of alcohol. Normally we get it from his brother Scotty but he was out of town this weekend. This is about the only racing related activity we got done this day. About the time we got one half of a drum pumped out the first downpour came that sent the pits scrambling. After more showers the race was called for the day. What to do? Well the logical choice it to drive 120 miles one way to Evansville Indiana to head to the casino for some poker action. We arrive at the casino about 3pm and play till about 1 am. I came out a $115 dollar winner after taking a few two out beats on the river but also delivering a bad beat to one of my opponents. I cracked his pocket kings with 8c 3c after calling $15 preflop in the dark and preceding to hit a three on the turn and three on the river after flopping a flush draw. Runner Runner couldn’t be funner.
Saturday comes and after running about ten cars in the freebee time runs the skies opened up again and brought the first of today’s showers. About mid day Dallas came on the speakers and announced that the rest of weekend was cancelled and like always happened it quit raining that afternoon and didn’t rain at all on Sunday. Jason and I needed to get a racing fix. We checked out Chandler, I-57, Sikeston, Gateway and a couple of others. The best forecast was at Gateway but problem was we couldn’t make it as it was too far. We settled on Benton as it was on the way home, had an ok forecast, as well as would serve as a good test session for the Jeg’s Door Car race the following weekend. After driving through rain the whole way we arrived at 4:30 to a hot and sunny track. Time runs kicked off at 5:00pm and I entered SP ($1000 win) and FB ($600 win) for a very reasonable total of $80. Time runs went well as I made 2 in each class. In FB I went .564 and 5.817 and .523 and 5.825 Sp produced .502 5.809 and .510 5.787(little quick but the track was getting shaded)
R1 FB I dial 5.84 to my opponents 6.31 We leave and I feel like I hit the tree good. As we’re going down through three I can tell I can’t kill much and stay in front so I park. I am .524 and 4 over parking too soon but it didn’t matter as he is .500 and dead on 8 on the rug. Add a $20 buyback to the tab. Looks like I was going 5.80 so FB picked up like my last sp time run. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gCEKHZ16Gk&feature=plcp
R1 SP I have to run the Bogacki Vega being wheeled by Luke’s better half in Jessica who dials a 6.15 I elect to go honest on a 5.79 Jess crushes me with a .504 to my .522 and to completely slam the window shut she is dead on 6. It took a while but I finally found a Bogacki I can’t beat. (Don’t edit my burn Luke) Another $30 buyback needed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7UvnHno-nk&feature=youtu.be
R2 FB My opponent goes red and I am .542 and 2 above killed two hundredths. Looks like I hit the spot but the car slowed down. That isn’t that uncommon as the track has already had it pickup and now the humidity comes in. 
R2 SP I dial a 5.84 to my opponents 6.90 I am .506 and he is .522 we are both two above with me killing about 11 mph. Run completion shows I was going about 5.80
R3 FB I have to run Jeff Hayes. I know he can hit the tree well so I up my launch rpm to 2100. He is .518 and I am lucky to be .500 I go two above my 5.84 dial taking way too much stripe at .044 I get lucky though that he can’t run the number.
R3 SP I have to run Dave Angelly in his Cutlass. I dial 5.82 holding what I think to be one. Dave is dialed a 6.07 Here I catch my biggest break of the night as Dave is red by .002 and I am dead late at .532 I run it out to a 5.799 which is very quick for my 330 of 3.715 We have picked up a little tail wind.
R4 FB I have the bye run but there are 14 left. The good thing the bye carries over and next round will be the last bye run of the race. Long story short I am .486 red and know I’m meeting it when I swap feet. My opponent was .578 and 6 above so I give away a win if I turn it green. Yeah you’re right I gave away two wins because of the bye situation. You didn’t have to remind me. At least I-57 paid the round of 14 even though there were under 40 fb cars. It was only $30 but it is the gesture that counts. How many other tracks pay back extra just bc there is a decent amount of cars. They almost paid half the field. 
R4 SP Thanks for being pulled for the bye I end up in the back of the SP line which means I’m getting tossed as lane choice goes to the quickest car. There are 10 cars left and Jason is still in as well. I have to run Rod Richards and he puts me in the right lane. I have been running the right lane in FB but I have never made a transbrake pass over there. I dial a 5.81 bc I believe the lane to be a little slower. Rod dials a 5.24 I am .516 and when the car leaves it feels like it is running over speed bumps and I remember thinking the my dial was good. I can tell it is going to be close I leg it and look up at the W and a dead on pass. I was .516 dead on 2 and he was .520 and 2 thou under. He got the stripe by .000043 which is about 92 thousandths of an inch. I told you it looked close. J Jason got by that round also so now you know the thoughts creeping in my head. We know neither one of us had the bye as it carried over.
SP R6 5 cars remain. I have to run Ken Jones and he gets to pick his lane. He takes the left lane and gives me the right. Funny the right lane is the Ken Jones performance lane.
How am I supposed to beat a man in his own lane? I dial 5.81 to Ken’s ultra quick 4.54 Ken welds me to the tree .502 to my .517 but I got room I rip it a few times and take .007 to be dead on 8 while he is 3 above. Looks like the Ken Jones lane was good to me. While coming up the return road I watch Jason run and see him rip it several time and then see his light blinking. Nice we are both in the semis and one of us will have the bye. I get my slip and see my light and don’t like my chances of getting it. I wait for Jason’s slip to print and he is .500 Guess that beats me out for the bye seemed like showing off to me.
SP R6 Semis 3 cars left and Jason has the bye run. I have to run Merle Mollet who is dialed a 5.61 and I dial the 5.81 in the right lane once again. We both are .518 on the tree but he can’t run the number and I lift to get the two above win. 
What a weekend. I never once thought that when we left for the tenntuck that we wouldn’t make a pass there but would both end up in the final at I-57 Even though the money wasn’t huge, we chopped up $1400, we covered our racing weekend and made one of the best racing memories I have had. How can you beat that?
Another great month of racing is come and gone and like Steven Tyler said the train kept a rollin’. Hopefully it is still full speed ahead the next weekend which is the Jeg’s Summer Door Car Shootout and then two weeks later the 50k World Super Pro Challenge in Stanton Michigan. If you want to shoot the breeze look me up on Facebook.
$6357 beginning balance - $250 gas -$160 alcohol -$125 hotel - $130 entry buyback + $115 Casino + $730 winning = $6537

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