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Welcome back!

I can’t believe it’s already July!! Where is the summer going?? Pretty soon it’s going to be cold and miserable here in Colorado, all that white stuff ruining my days. I am going to be sad when I no longer get to write blogs for Luke, I’ve had such an awesome time so far!
July has been a pretty slow month for us, since we have the national event the 20th through the 22nd, they don’t schedule a lot of events so that the Bandimere crew can finish getting things lookin good around the track. It is currently 2:00 on the 20th. I’m actually sitting in my trailer, have my laptop hooked up to an extension cord, writing this blog in between qualifying runs for the Mopar Mile High Nationals. (Procrastinate much?!?!) We did have two races since my last blog, so I’ll start with those.
The last super pro race was the end of June. So far, I’ve been racing a lot better this year in super comp than super pro, and this race turned out not to be any different. I have made a lot of runs in the car, over 100, but I still make silly mistakes. First time trial, I went out, released my finger off the button, and the car never revved. The green light was on, with me just sittin there, because I forgot that I still had cross talk on and had 10.50 in the opponents box. Then, I put in the wrong shift times. So my first time run I went 2.021 on the tree and ran an 11.24 at 90 mph. Yup, and I runnered up the week before at a divisional! I often times go back to my old ways of showing up without anything prepared and just getting in the car. Heck, in the Monza, I rarely checked the air pressure in the tires, and I think I changed the oil once during the year. Second time run, was fine, -.003 red on the tree but I actually looked like I halfway knew what I was doing. First round I was paired up against another dragster dialed in at 9.52. As I launched I was already catching him really fast. I got a little past 1000 foot and started womping the throttle. (I LOVE bracket racing for this reason, racing the top end is my absolute favorite if you haven’t noticed!) I took the win with a .013 light, and crossed by .010, my opponent was .051 dead on 6. I was pretty proud of myself this round. A good light AND I crossed by less than .015 which was what I was struggling with earlier in the year, woo hoo!!! Second round I was lined up with a fast door car. I was dialed just a little bit faster than him, and when we launched I knew I had the better light. Unfortunately, I had such a better light, I was now getting chased down. I’ve been chased a lot, but I wasn’t really prepared for it that round, and at 1000 foot, I was about a car length and a half ahead. I could just barely see his front end. WOMP! WOMP! I started womping it right after 1000, and as I did that second womp, my stomach dropped. He was no longer a car length and a half behind, and I stomped the throttle, hoping I could get back around him. We crossed and my win light was not on. I try to be as lady like as possible, but after I lose a race, especially when I let someone go around me, that all goes out the window. Thank goodness I don’t have a microphone in my helmet. I was .010 to his .057 and crossed by negative .007.
For me, this is probably the hardest part of drag racing. The ups and downs are tough for me to deal with sometimes. First round I am flying high, feeling amazing, second round, I’m wondering how I’ve ever even won a round because I make such silly mistakes. I know I can be hard on myself, but I truly believe if you don’t strive for perfection, you’ll never get better.
Miss Bailey got there that Sunday and we planned our shopping trip for Monday evening after I got off work. I picked her up from the track and we high tailed it to Park Meadows mall. Four hours and $150 dollars later, Miss B had a new wardrobe and we were lookin good! We had an awesome time and I hope she gets to come back out soon! Next year we are planning something even bigger, maybe her staying with me from Jr. Nationals until Mile High Nationals; my girl hasn’t been to a national event before so we are fixing that ASAP!
Miss Bailey and Miss Lindsey Before First Round
The next race was the 4th of July family festival, my FAVORITE RACE EVER!! I’ve had very good luck at the race, and July is my birthday month so it is my favorite! They always say that John Bandimere Jr. is quite the pyromaniac, and the fireworks show is ALWAYS really amazing. For the first time since I was born, fireworks in the Jefferson County area were all cancelled, due to the drought and large fires all around us. At the time, I think there were 12 wildfires burning in Colorado all at once. I am glad they cancelled them as it was extremely sad watching families’ houses burn down, but it was definitely a strange 4th of July without fireworks. Time runs went really well and it appeared again that I knew what I was doing as far as the timer goes, but I only went .013 and .018 and I wanted to be better. First round I was lined up against A.J Percival. He has been on FIRE this year, and has been in the final of 3 of our 4 super pro races. I took 3 thou out of the box, hoping to go .012 or better on the tree. I had the car what I thought was dialed right on 9.50. We launched, and I knew my light was good. A.J chased me down and when I looked over I was directly across from my pre-determined spot on his car, so I decided just to stay in it and watch for the dump. No dump, and my win light was on. I got my ticket and immediately checked out the race. I was .000 on the tree (woops, bad redlight!) and dead on 5. A.J was .015 and dead on 1. I knew I was lucky that round, and had the package I needed to take out a great racer. I told A.J. that next week he could borrow my lucky earrings as they had been workin out pretty well for me. Next round I was laddered against Kami Nicoletti, another newer female driver. I never like racing girls early, because I want us all to be in the final since there are about 8 of us in the class. I was slow on the tree, but knew I still had the advantage when we launched. I womped it a few times and crossed by .008 and took the win with a .020 light. She was .076 and ran 9.533. That turned out to be a two round race as I had a bye into the quarter finals. I went .009 and ran a 9.47 in the bye. Next round I had another new super comp driver, Scott Hyre. This round was a double whammy. I launched and new I had the worse light, than crossed behind without dumping. Holy moly I was mad at myself. I know better than to cross behind without the dump, and I know better than to have a .039 light. Scott was .002 on the tree and two thou under, so it would have been tough to beat, but still doable. I had however taken the lead in super comp points, and then Matt Berkefeldt from Pueblo ended up tying me by runnering up at the event.
Black Betty and I Getting Ready for First Round - They Need Fire Retardant Pants That Actually Fit Females!!!
My birthday was Thursday July 12th. I have an awesome mom and dad as they bought me the Biondo steering wheel I’ve been wanting and my boyfriend Michael bought me a digital tire pressure gauge and a cockpit cover. He went to JEGS! I celebrated my 22nd birthday by going out with the girls Friday night as we didn’t have any racing that weekend.
All Dolled Up! Sheena, Bri and I had an Amazing Time! Thanks Girls!
Now, I am actually writing the end of this blog post Mile High Nationals. It turned out to be a great weekend. I didn’t do near as well as I wanted to, but I did get to see my Michael Brand II win his very first national event in stock eliminator.
The event started Friday with 3 time trials. For some reason, I could not figure out what the car was doing. Black Betty was all over the place. First time trial I was .006 off the tree but ran a 9.41 on the 9.50 index. The next round I changed the RPM on the stop and added to the timers. Apparently, it was way too much, and I ran a 9.59. I was .001 on the tree but was really disappointed in the 59. Third round I made more changes to the timers, was .011 on the tree but still ran a 9.45. I felt nervous but felt like the numbers were now at least making sense.

First round the next morning I was paired up again with one of my favorite people I’ve met in super comp, Brock Green. I had him in the semifinals of the divisional and got really lucky, and I even told him that I didn’t want to race him because I knew a butt whooping was in store for me at some point. I caught him quick and new I had the starting line advantage, but the same thing happened to me again, where I had the better light and was running fast enough where I was getting chased down instead of chasing. Hate that. I was about a car length ahead when I whomped it, and as soon as I did I knew it was WAY too early. I floored it again and closed my eyes as we crossed the finish line. My win light was on. I was really excited as I had made it through first round of my first national, but I wish I hadn’t messed up the finish line and I wish Brock Green wasn’t so nice! I was .020 and 9.51, Brock was .035 and broke out by two hund, I crossed behind by two thou. Second round I was paired up with Mike Cooper. I had a great round, and was .006 on the tree, on the brakes to cross .009 ahead and run a 9.51. Mike was .023 on the tree and was dead on 3. Next round I was paired up against Justin Lamb. I knew I had a tough race, but with my previous round appearance, I thought I had a decent chance of taking the win. We rolled down quickly for third round. When we launched I couldn’t tell who had the reaction time advantage, but Lamb was around me quickly and was off and on the throttle at 1000 foot. I made the same mistake I’ve made 3 times in a row now, and I dumped WAY too early. I dumped without looking back at the finish line, and when I saw Justin dump with me and knew I was done. I was .021 to Justin’s .018 and ran a 9.537 to his 9.511. That is one thing about drag racing, even if you realize the mistakes you make every race, the same mistake will happen to you over and over. It sucks being human sometimes you know?
The highlight of the weekend was obviously Michael winning stock eliminator. He bought this stocker back in late 2009, and has put tons of work into it. I’ve watched for the last 5 years what hard work and dedication it has taken to get where he is now. Scott Burton has been instrumental in making this dream of his come true, and I was just happy to be there for his first National win. We all knew it would happen eventually, but it was cool that it was at our home track with our friends and family.  
Very Excited Pit Crew!
Michael and I
Driving the Champ and the “Blue Swan” out of the Winners Circle
We have a very busy August coming up. Michael and I are traveling to Cordova for the divisional as well as making the trek to Topeka Kansas. I also have a couple of races here at Bandimere including the final races in the super pro category. I only have a couple of blogs left, so I wanted to encourage everyone to write to me if you have any questions or certain topics you’d like me to discuss!
Thank you all so much for reading, I hope to see a few of you in Cordova and Topeka!

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