APD Member Spotlight Blog (June): Jeremy McKague (Part 2)

Sunday is here and it brings no time runs so it will be interesting.
R1 Cavalier (Left 1.131) I have to run Aaron Vail which is a terrible draw for me. Not only is Aaron a great racer but his car is deadly consistent and it is slower which will make driving the stripe hard. I dial way up to a 5.85 as I want to be holding a ton to be able to drive the stripe better. We both are .015 on the tree and he is dead on 7. I get lucky and take .002 stripe to be dead on 5. My 330 says I was going a 5.78 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c691V68Pe8E&feature=youtu.be
R1 Dragster (Left 1.132) I get my buddy Jody Davies. I dial a 4.77 to his 4.97 Jody knows I’m holding so this could be interesting. I think he is dialed fairly honest but you never know. I am .010 to his .009 and decide I can get there and kill enough but then I dummy up the stripe and get .002 behind and we are both one above. Another $150 needed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMowhQCSvUc&feature=plcp 
R2 Roadster (Left 1.130) I dial 5.82 and am holding 4 and my opponent dialed 6.24 He trees me .015 to .027 and I take .012 to be under and end the roadster’s day. With my bad light I couldn’t win. I couldn’t take the stripe and win, I couldn’t park it and win, and I couldn’t hit him and win. I was done. I thought my light was better but to say the tree this weekend was a struggle would be an understatement.
R2 Dragster (Left 1.132) I dial 4.78 to Tommy Plott’s (it was one of his cars but don’t know if it was him) 4.75   I am .024 to his.026 and drop too soon to be one above 7 at 131.59mph while he drops to dead on 8 at 140.20 and I give up the stripe by .007 I dropped too hard and I lost a hundredth to the 330, a bad combination.  
The weekend is over and it’s hard to complain when I had my best payday ever. I did struggle on the tree but the cars were pretty good so that is encouraging. Jason stays in a couple more rounds and after he loses I get back to the trailer to see the dragster hanging by ratchet straps. Seems the winch broke and if it wouldn’t have been for the safety strap he put on it would have fell 6 feet to the floor. So with a little ingenuity and several ratchet straps we got the car in place. 
We don’t even need to buy a new one this worked so well
-$765 beginning balance - $2450 entries and buybacks -$200 gas -$200 starter and flexplate - $88 hotel + $8800 winnings = $++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++5097
And now the title makes sense. My racing season is finally Back in Black! Positive numbers rule. Chief Wiggum got me to dig out of this hole. I have had a ton of fortune and I know I had a ton of breaks go my way but I’m not complaining. I hope to ride this train as long as possible. If you want to make suggestions, comments, or just talk about dumb stuff look me up on face book or email me at mckaguej@chamois.k12.mo.us If you want to know what happens next join us next month, this train is bound to derail soon. I hope Denzel Washington is in charge to keep me on the tracks.

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