APD Member Spotlight Blog (October): Jason MacNeil-Part 2

My Goals

Back in the April blog I set ten very tough but achievable goals for myself. Here is a summary of those goals and how I made out.
1. Keep the family happy and have fun at the track.
I’m glad to say that everyone is very happy and we all enjoyed our busy summer. Bryson is a now a regular fixture at the track, and Hannah is obviously having a great time. I’m not sleeping alone, so I guess Donna is still on board with the whole deal as well.
2. Use my gold card from Cape Breton Dragway to defend the track championship.
Well, I did use the gold card, but I failed to defend the championship. We lost two of the            four points races due to rain, and I blew it on the two that we got in. On the other hand, I did win the track championship in PEI, so I’ll call this one a draw.    
3. Enter more “no box” races, and concentrate on cutting good lights in that realm.
I entered more “no box” races than I ever had in the past and I think I did a good job there. My win percentage in this class was 75% and my average green reaction time was .031 over the season, so I’ll chalk this one up to a goal achieved.
4. Get my daughter set-up well in her new dragster and help guide her.
Hannah is more than “set-up well” and had a great year in her new car. The Craw’s engine worked flawlessly and her good lights and driving were rewarded with an ADRA Championship in her first season driving the G&C Concrete backed dragster. I am more than proud of her and what she has accomplished; I’ll take the credit for helping with some maintenance and starting the car up, but the rest was all her.
5. Give my great sponsors value for their investment.
This one is hard to gauge, but as always I try to have good communication with my sponsors and let them know what is going on during the season. The feedback from them has been positive, and having a place like this to mention them all season long was a bonus. Thanks go out to them for their continued support. Now if I could just get Dart to hook me up with two engine blocks I’d be all set.
6. Win the ADRA Super Pro Championship.
Done! It was a good points battle right to the almost end, but I set the pace at the start of the season and remained focused throughout. It is the highest accomplishment that you can earn here locally, and I am glad I was able to get it done.
7. Win the Atlantic Pro Tree Series Championship.
This is the one in which I am most disappointed with. I had a good showing in the three races      we got in, qualified number one at two of them, but just couldn’t finish the job. Losing the last race to rain certainly didn’t help and I will need to try a bit harder for this one next season.
8. Learn from my mistakes and become a better driver.
I sure made lots of them this season, and I think writing this column and learning from the website has made me more aware of what those mistakes are. I’m not referring to the obvious ones, but rather bad habits or wrong thinking. I also like to think that I am still improving; god knows there’s still a ways to go.
9. Win enough dough to pay for the racing season.
Over the past few years my goal was to make enough money racing to cover my gas, lodging and entry fees. The titanic takes care of the lodging and I was able to cover all of the gas/entry fees with the winnings I took home from the track, so this one is also a goal achieved.
10. Win this spotlight challenge and a spot in the 2013 JEGS Bracket Championships.
This one is completely out of my hands. I hope that I have entertained you guys enough that you will consider voting for me in November. It has truly been a great opportunity for me to tell some stories and do some writing. If I am lucky enough to win the spotlight challenge, I am making a commitment that I will make the 28-hour journey to Kentucky and participate in the 2013 JEGS Bracket Championships!
Good job Dad! (Indy Image)
The Off Season
It’s officially our “off season” now and time to rebuild, regroup and remain patient for the next seven months. I have two engines now that need major repair and lots of small jobs that I want to do to the car and motorhome. I’ll try to get all the grunt work finished before the spring comes and get a jump on being prepared for the next season. I’m not sure what our plans or schedule is for next season, but I will likely try to defend the ADRA title and probably make a journey down south. On our first weekend away from the track I was invited to a friend’s vineyard to help with their yearly harvest. Last year they produced enough grapes to make 2500 bottles of wine and this year’s yield was almost double that. It was a fun day doing something completely different.
In case you’re wondering about the hat, it was just above freezing when we started.
Vote, Vote, Vote
If you are a TIBR member, please cast a vote to decide this year’s APD Member of the year. If you aren’t a member, why not join now and become part of a group who are continually learning and improving their drag racing skills. I would appreciate any votes that I get and as I mentioned, I will definitely make the long haul to Kentucky if I have the opportunity to be a part of the Jeg’s US Open. If for no other reason, vote for me because I broke two engines and need some spare parts.
 Perfect shirt for the occasion.
Thanks to Indy Images for providing some pics this season, you can contact them for prints and cool calendars at http://www.indynut.com. I want to give a shout out to my proofreader for the season, Bob Snow. He is also the vineyard manager and you can check that out at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Loch-View-Farm-Vineyard/177120962345724?fref=ts. Don’t forget to follow us on our racing page at http://www.facebook.com/JNBRacing or email me directly with any feedback and questions at jmacneil5@hotmail.com.
It’s been fun, now it’s time to start circling some dates. (Indy Image)
One last time, thanks go out to APD, Nitro Plate, J&J Engine Diapers, K&N Filters, Wiseco Performance, Milodon, Huntsville Engine & Performance, Dedenbear, the JEGS U.S. Open Bracket Championships, and of course TIBR for providing this cool program. Also, if you or your business has a need for flame resistant work wear, please visit www.geliget.com to check out all the latest in FR and arc flash rated clothing.
It’s been a blast, Thanks.

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