APD Member Spotlight Blog (October): Jeremy McKague

Denny and I load up the new econobracket combo of his bike and the Camaro and head out for US 36 Raceway in Osborn MO. This probably wasn’t our best option but neither one of us had ever been there before so we wanted to check it out. I couldn’t stand the thought of there was a racetrack in MO that I hadn’t been to. We set out about 11:00am for the 236 mile trip. About 200 miles into the trip I pull in for gas and notice the 1-2 shift is kind of firm. The first thing I notice is a sign that says cigarettes there are $3.41. I don’t smoke but I am always on the lookout for the number 341 as it is my race car number. I take this as a good sign. The cashier informs me that the cost of my gummies and Diet Mountain Dew was 3.41 and I knew that today was my day. We leave the gas station for the last little trip and the Service engine light comes on. I get the scanner out of the glove box. You know the cheater scanner I used to turn the Prizm into the best bracket car in the world. Well maybe not the best but definitely top 1 trillion. The code I get is P1870 Internal Transmission Component Slippage. Wait I thought this was my day. I clear the code and we make it the rest of the way to the track with no more codes or hard shifting. I check the fluid and it does appear to have a little brown tint. There goes me getting to race tonight. We are 236 miles from home and I don’t really want to risk the tow vehicle. Yeah right that would be logical but today is my day, 341 remember. Side story I have been known to wake my wife up in the middle of the night to point out to her that it is 3:41am. Back to the main story I’m racing. I figure I’ll run as long as the light doesn’t come on again and it doesn’t act dumb. However I do take it easy and only enter two classes and only make two time runs. What? Only two classes is easy for me. I have entered up to 4 before.  I enter Pro which pays money and I enter street which is only a trophy class. My first time run is .043 and 10.011 at 68.91 mph. My 60 ft was 2.225 and that is the only other info on the slip as there are no 330 or 594 times. 2nd time run I roll in and bam! My stage light is on but no prestage light. I reverse out only to have the starter tell me “I only got one so get in there”. Guess we’ll make due. I am -.008 and go 10.011 at 69.02. My 60 was 2.235 and I know I was in deep so I will guess this was a 10.00 or 9.99 run.  

R1 Pro I dial 9.99 and get put in the left lane by my 6.19 dialed opponent. Normally I prefer the left as I can see behind me better but was going to take the right due to the no prestage in the left. I leave and feel I hit it good. I watch in my mirror to judge my opponents light and it looks bad, .232, but I quickly distracted by the bumper dragging 200ft wheelie he was in the process. I come back to reality and realize I am going to get there a bunch. I find a lot of brake to be 7 over taking .166. Judging from my 330 I was running, well I don’t know bc there is no 330. My 60 ft was 2.212 which is .013 quicker than my only good time run. I will guess this to be about 9.98. I don’t know if that is right but I got to have something to work off of.
R1 Street and I dial 9.99 to the 8.50 of stick shifted Mustang. I had seen him make a few runs and he didn’t seem that consistent. I am .074 to his .178 and he misses a gear and I cost through at a 10.35. Checking my 330 reminds me there isn’t one and I am still lost. My 60 was 2.211 so that seems good.
R2 Pro and I dial 9.98 to the 6.28 of my opponent. The burnout box to the starting line is very short here and the altered that burned out in front of me drug water to the starting line. Not part of the way but all the way to where your tires sit. I try to straddle it but when I leave it spins. I am pissed all the way down the track and can tell I’m not getting there and my opponent crosses in front of me. There are no drivers win lights but when I turn on the radio I am surprised to here the announce say I won bc he broke out. I was .077 to his .090 and went 10.010 even though I lost 4 hundredths on my 60 ft time. He was .013 under taking .030, lucky break for me.
R2 Street I dial 9.98 to my opponents 8.72 I am .057 and he is read and I go 9.987 with a 2.214 60 ft time. Hmm seems I can’t accurately judge my et from my 60 foot time but I think we all knew that already. Computer control cars are picky, but at least the trans is acting all right.
R3 Pro and this is the 1st time I’ve run fairly close to back to back, about 6 minutes apart. The Prizm would usually pick up in this case but I’m not sure on the Camaro. I go with the 9.98 to the 6.05 of my Luv driving opponent of Scott Hink.  I had seen and heard him making some good laps so I knew I had to be on time here. Well unfortunately my I was taught if you’re not early you’re late by my basketball coach in high school but I shouldn’t have applied that advice here as I was -.004 and run a 9.937 with a 2.201 60. I guess this car might pick up too. Scott would have been tough with his .039 and one above pass. 
R3 Street and I get the bye run as there are only 3 of us left. I am .057 and go 9.942 with a 2.199 60ft. This run was 17 minutes after my last one.
R4 Street Final and I am racing the Dodge Truck of Todd Tucci. I do know that I have seen him be .009 and thirty something on the tree tonight. I dial 9.96 as its been over 20 minutes and I think maybe I could slow down. I get treed .024 to .015 but he is over his dial allowing me to lift and take the stripe by .016 for the win. Denny also won bike so this is our first official double up as we skipped over that and tripled up earlier this year at Central Illinois Dragway in Havana.
No money but a little bling!
As for the trip home it went well as the Camaro not only picked up the trophy but hauled Denny’s bike the 236 miles home. On a positive note for the second time this year a gas station we stopped in had Salsa Verde Doritos. These were discontinued in 2002. How do I know bc the chip guy told me so when he quit delivering them to the gas station where I worked during college. How do I know it was 2002? I know this because on my honeymoon my wife and I went to Las Vegas and made a stop at the Grand Canyon and they had them there. This was the last time I had them until a few weeks ago. See I even remembered my wedding year. I should get some brownie points for that. I did buy all 3 bags of the chips they had just like I bought both bags the other place had on our way back from MoKan a few weeks ago.
One of the best PG rated memories of my honeymoon
The next day, Sunday, Denny and I changed the trans fluid on the Camaro and it had a little dark tint and smelled slightly burnt. I did some research and found out the TCC valve is known for wear and keeping the torque converter from locking up causing the slip. Looks like time for the tranny shop. Hope that is all they find.
$10,192 beginning balance - $92 gas - $55 entry = $10,045   I’m not counting the 3 bags of Salsa Verde in here.
                The transmission is repaired in the Camaro and it was the TCC valve that was worn so I got off easy on the fix. This weekend I actually didn’t do any racing but the whole weekend was filled with racing activity. Saturday Denny and I took his brother Donnie to the first national event he has attended in 19 years. We headed out to Gateway and seen a great show as well as seen the preliminary rounds of my sponsor Mike “Tuffpaw” Eggelston pick up his first national event in Super Comp. It was a cool experience and I was glad I was there for part of it. The other cool story Denny told me from Saturday. Donnie and Denny went walking around the pits when the spotted the Traxxas girls handing out our magazines. Denny asked one of them if he could get his picture taken with his arm around her. She said sure so Denny puts his arm around her and pulls her in close for the picture. Denny then tells her “I don’t even have a camera.”
 Sunday Denny and I headed to Rolla Competition Engines to see Jason’s new engine on the dyno. Before I left my wife was heading to Wal-Mart to go shopping. I thought I would ease her load by taking Max with me. I asked Max if he would want to go with Denny and I to the dyno. He asked “will I miss Wal-Mart.” Max has recently turned 5 and had some birthday money so he wanted to go spend it. I told him yes so he picked Wal-mart. Once more before I left I asked him if he wants to go to the dyno and he asked me “is the dyno real”. This confused me and after a few more questions I figured out that Max thought I was going to see a dino short for dinosaur. Can you believe that he thought I was going to see a real dinosaur and he still chose Wal-Mart? My wife has him brainwashed. They dyno session went well with no problems and the new aluminum blocked 632 made 1022 hp and 897 tq. I think it will quicker than I like. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
The following weekend brings Megabucks to Gateway. This year it features a 10k race on Saturday and 5k race on Sunday for $175. There are no buybacks and you can enter up to 4 times. I chose to enter the Cavalier once and the dragster 2 times. The Megabucks race is run with 4 colors with each one representing a chance to enter. The 4 colors in order are Green, Yellow, Blue and Red which can be remembered by the mnemonic Get your butt ready. I entered the dragster in Red and the roadster in Yellow but after losing 1st round in Yellow I bought another entry for Blue to be run in the dragster. Jason on the other hand entered the dragster in Yellow and the roadster in Red. Confused yet? It can get interesting.  
The day started out very cold, windy and cloudy so the track was suspect. I made two time trials in each car. I started in the roadster in the right lane with .007 and 5.875 @ 114.37 with the down track traction being sketchy. Sketchy is my new word I learned from the kids at school. Next was the dragster with the new engine and in the left lane I went .007 1.053, 3.018, 4.697 @ 146.10 with the top end still being slick. The dragster was nosing over a little before the shift and the slick track to make it run a little slower than expected. I would have been going 4.76 or so with the old motor. Second time trial in the roadster I tried the right lane which lead to a .004 and 5.844 at 115.32 with it skating around much less on the big end. My final time shot in the dragster with 1.150 delay in the left lane was -.006 1.043, 2.994, 4.659 at 147.05. It seemed to be hooked up better as well as we lowered the shift which kept it from nosing over as bad. We tried some other things too which didn’t seem to help.
R1 Yellow in the Roadster and I dial 5.88 to the 6.12 of Dave Pratt in his Monza. I have driven Dave’s car in the past, one of over 40 cars I have raced. I roll a few thou in the box bc I am always quicker during eliminations than time shots. I go .002 and take .009 for the L. This is what prompted me to buy my blue color. The reason I went in the dragster is bc the roadster is still skating around on the top end making it hard to drive the finish line.
R1 Blue in the Dragster and in the left lane I dial 4.67 vs. the 4.81 for Greg Rice in Jim Huggett’s car. I put in 1.163 delay to set up on a 7 light from my last time shot. I go .006 to his .022 and take .011 to be one above when he parks me. My 330 was 2.992 so the car repeated and looked to be going a mid 4.65.
R1 Red in the dragster and in the left lane I dial 4.66 next to my 4.75 dialed opponent. I leave the delay at 1.163 and when we leave I feel good. At half track I am still .045 behind and not pulling that much. I expect a park and dump only I catch it too good to be .023 over and .011 behind. I was .006 to his .005 and he was .013 over. His speed was 141.68 to my 137.95 so I dropped too early as I was only holding half a number. Plus my 330 slipped a few thou to 2.996 so I was probably going low dead on. 
Round 1 summary says I’m 1 for 3 and the only entry alive is the one I bought after I lost the 1st pass in the roadster.
R2 Blue I dial 4.65 in the left lane against Larry Hagedorn and his 6.04 dialed Camaro. Larry lives in Hermann about 25 miles from me and the same town Curt and Corey Landolt live in. I put .003 in the box to make my delay 1.166. I am .027 to his .020 and about half track I can see him skating around. I am coming around so I lift to take .027 at 139 to be a save 2 above. I didn’t think I missed it but I could have. Jason had some erratic reaction times at Black Sunday, even though he won 3 super pro races that weekend, which lead him to change the solenoid. I am still not sure if something else is going on.
R3 Blue I have to run Mike Eggleston who the previous week won the Super Comp Wally at the NHRA Midwest Nationals held right here at Gateway. He is also the co-owner of Tuffpaw Aluminum Products, check them out at Tuffpaw.com   I dial 4.66 to his 4.76 He destroys me on the tree .008 to my .035 and then I manage to get behind .001 to lose. I left the line second, finished second, and broke out. As Allen Reinhardt would say 3 strikes and you’re out. Once again I didn’t think I missed it.
They then announce a $50 gamblers race. I enter the roadster as Jason is still in the big race in the dragster. In my time shot in the left lane I am .002 and 5.870 at 114.44 and skating around a lot. I don’t like my chances. They call 1st round of the gamblers race and Jason goes red right before with 10 cars left in the big race, his guy was .149 on the tree. So I commandeer the dragster since the roadster is skating around so much. He tells me you better run the right as he has to lift at the end of his run in the left. There are only 13 of us and I get picked for the bye run. I know there will be 7 of us coming back and will be on the ladder. Gateway does races that you can be #1 qualifier and get the 1st bye on the ladder even if you have had a bye so essentially I had a few shot at getting the bye the next round. I set up tight and go -.004 red and run 1.040, 2.981, and 4.645 @ 147.01 with a nice straight run.
R2 Gamblers 7 cars left I have to run 5.73 opponent when Jr. Lobner walks by. I ask him if I have two much delay at 1.171 and he says I’d put 3 more in so I do. I told him I’m still sitting on 9 so it’s not like he put me in the 30’s. I then said I might be 30 but it is not because what I’m set on. He says sometimes 30 and behind is the place to be. Yep I was .038 on the tree and 60 behind but win when my opponent is 2 hun under. I go 1.038 2.988 4.663 at 145 lifting at the end. No wonder he has won so many races. Side note I thought I caught it again. Starting to wonder?
R3 Gamblers Semi finals and no one is talking split. There isn’t much money in play and we don’t know even know what it pays. I have to run a 5.82 opponent and I go with the 4.65 dial. Once again I think I catch it and am .031 to his .016 but get lucky and he is one under while I am dead on 8. 1.041, 2.988, 4.658 at 146.57
R4 Gamblers Final and I have to run Jason Grams or Smokey as he is known around here. You might remember him from my last blog and the clip from Mr. Deeds about me haunting his dreams forever. This is important and you will see why soon. We agree to chop the money 50/50 but we both still want to run as we both want to win. I dial 4.65 to his 5.82 Flash back to the pits, a few weeks before Jason was .045 in the semis at black Sunday so before the final he poured a bottle of water on the solenoid thinking maybe it was hot. He then was .002 in the final. My last two light have sucked so we tried the water trick even though we have a new solenoid so it doesn’t really make since. I set my delay up so my best light of the day would be .001. I know I crushed this one so I hope it is green. Smokey is .016   My light as Bryan Robinson would say was “hundred”, (when I say hundred it is bad thing .100 but when he says it is .000) I was dead on 3 on top of the perfect bulb to break Smokey out by .009 even though he backed into me .0004 which netted me a sweet $230 and him $225 bc the track felt they should charge 30% for us to help them keep the track warm in the late rounds of the big race. This was my 21st final and 3rd gamblers win of the year. I think I have only entered 5 gamblers races but that could be off. I should call every race a gamblers race.
Sunday morning and the first person I see is Smokey who tells me I was in his dream last night. He said I kicked him in his nuts in his dream. Last month I include a YouTube clip about me haunting his dreams and this month he really has a dream of me kicking him in the nuts. I’m like Freddy Krueger I might not get you on the track but I’ll be in your nightmares. Sunday we changed carbs and a few other things to try to comb though our combination and try to find the cause of the layover at the shift and after the first few runs this is a summary of our efforts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4OBUupicWg My time trial in the right lane with the dragster with a different carb yielded a .015, 1.051, 3.009, and 4.685 @ 145.81. The roadster in the left went -.003 and 5.831 @ 115.29
R1 Yellow Roadster and I am in the left lane vs. Chris Damico and his 4.86 dialed dragster. I dialed 5.83 and every door car in the 10 pairs in front of me broke out by about 2 hundredths which I would assume bc it is warming up from the mid 40 degree temperature it was during the time run. I decided that if the race was close I was killing two hundredths. We leave with me getting the insignificant edge of .016 to his .018 and I can tell it will be close at the finish line. I park and am one over to his 4 thou under while getting .021 behind. Looks like I only picked up about one hundredth but it was the right move.
R1 Blue Dragster Lets keep this one short. The transbrake didn’t set for the second time in two days and we don’t know why. We had this problem on and off for a while but after a transmission linkage adjustment it hasn’t bit us for over a year.  Jason installed the new solenoid so we will begin our search there. Unfortunately there is no time to do anything as red is in the lanes already so just like in poker I will just push and pray.
R1 Red Dragster I have to run Dennis Gilliam in his altered. Dennis is the owner of crossbonesmotorsports.com that sells many products and also has a message board that is frequented by many from the St. Louis area. Dennis goes red to give me a time run and I am .007, 1.045, 2.985, 4.645 @ 147.33    Summary of my round is 2 out of 3. I checked with someone on whether this was good or not and got this reply. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGT1AcMRV9w The guy has a funny name but I trust his opinion.  I do think the car is fixed as it doesn’t nose over anymore since Jason raised the fuel pressure quite a bit. How much? Don’t know as we don’t have a gauge. Yeah we’re high tech.
R2 Yellow Roadster and I had my best race of the day. I dial 5.82 against Rod Schaeffer’s 4.97 dialed dragster. We both leave with .005 lights and I can tell he his coming around me. Right at the end he parks and I am on the floor to the stripe. I get there .002 to be dead on six while he is dead on 8. He needed to kill some and just came up short of putting a beating on me.
R2 Red Dragster. I dial 4.65 to the Vega in the other lane dialed 5.63 I get treed .006 to .048 and break out of it for the loss. The only someone positive note from this pass is this is my first bad light of the weekend where I didn’t feel like I caught it.
R3 Yellow Roadster. I move to the right lane bc I am pulled for the bye and have lane choice and can see I will be paired with Bobby Meyers who is in the left. I seen Bobby run throughout the weekend and was having trouble navigating the left lane. He dials 6.45 to my 5.83 and trees me .009 to .018. I get there by 3 thou dumping at the last instant but I believe he let me around as he lifted also. I was one above to his two above.
R4 Yellow Roadster. I have to run George Atchison and I have lined up in the left lane. I did this bc Corey was still in and running the left lane so I didn’t want to get paired with him. I dial 5.84 and go .001 while George is red. I run it out to a 5.863 with a lot of slipping from the 330 on.   The track was extremely loose all weekend from 300 feet on.
R5 Yellow Roadster and there are 9 of us left and we are on the ladder. I have the bye run thanks to my .001 light the last round. Also lane choice on the ladder will be decided by reaction time. I elect to run the left lane as all 3 winners in front of me came out of the right lane. Therefore if my light isn’t good I will be put in the left. I leave the box alone from the last run and leave with a .001 light and pat the 330 things get interesting. Let’s just say it was the 3rd closest I ever came to crashing including the time I crashed. I had to abort at 450 feet and still almost crossed the center line. 
R6 Yellow Roadster 5 cars remain and I am paired with Jim Huggett in his dragster. I take the right lane even though I know Jim wants the left bc I am scared to death of the left lane. I make the decision to dial down one to a 5.85 and run it out as long as he wasn’t broke. I was too worried about crashing to be looking around a lot. We also took a half of pound of air out of the slicks not the smartest thing but if I crash it will make for a bad day. I am .012 and let’s just say Jim wasn’t. I proceed to make a pretty straight run and take .089 stripe to be 4 under. Yeah I just picked up 5 hundredths and took almost 19 feet to lose. I had a bad strategy and was dumb not to look but at least the car made it into the trailer in one piece. I still felt like a moron.
$10,045 begging balance - $525 entries - $34 gas - $50 gamblers entry - $30 run for the money + $430 winnings = $9836
                Time for the final Tenn-Tuck weekend of the year. Due to the July rainout and the canceling of one of the March days there have only been two races completed with 3 more scheduled for this weekend. I am sitting 30 something in points coming in as I didn’t even complete in one of the races due to a broken rear end. We arrive at the track Thursday night and drop the trailer off and head to the beautiful Motel 6. Ok at least it’s clean. Friday morning I meet Matt Tinnin of Tinnin Race Suspension at the track as the Cavalier is scheduled for a complete overhaul. I am tired of fighting it going crooked and driving bad. The plan is for Matt to fix the back end this morning and then work on the front end tonight as well as Saturday morning. The rear gets new springs, shook adjustment, 4 link adjustment as well as a little grinding on the bracket to make sure is isn’t going to bind. A couple of time shots later and it wasn’t he most consistent, 5.784 and 5.757. This isn’t too concerning as normally the very first hits are a little slow and you usually have a very quick run in the morning. I make a hit in the dragster and it goes .022 1.033 2.961 and 4.601 @ 150.01. Hopefully our reaction time problems as well as rolling through the beams are behind us as Jason has changed solenoids, transbrake wires, checked all connections between box and button. I get one final time shot in roadster and it goes .009 1.237 3.683 5.778 at 117.19. Time to race the morning race which is 10k to win with no buybacks. I have both cars entered to the tune of $400.
                R1 roadster and I pull up next to the Champ Stephen McCrory who is driving Bloomfield’s Chevy II. My record against the Champ is poor but I did watch part of Rocky IV the night before so I am ready to pull a big upset. I dial 5.78 as I expect the 60 to fall off as it is after 2 pm. I get lucky and Champ is red and I go .022 and run 5.777 even though my sixty fell off to 1.244 however my speed is up to 117.50. This is how it feels to beat The Champ.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMH3QJxIzJk
                R1 Dragster and I draw Chris Stine in his 5.33 dialed dragster.   I dial 4.61 and go .003 to his .007 He drops hard to 117 mph and I catch a little of it to take .018 and be dead on 5 to his almost 2 above. I lost .008 in the 330 that run.
                R2 Cavalier I dial 5.78 to the dragster dialed 4.72 and I am .023 and one thou under while he is red.
                R2 Dragster and I dial 4.61 to the Scotty Richardson drag racing school S-10 dialed in at 6.50. I get the tree .018 to .044 and take the stripe with a one above 4.625
                R3 Cavalier I am dialed 5.78 to Ken Sullivan’s 4.96 We have a great race as I am .003 to his .007 and get in 3 rips to be dead on 3 to his dead on 2 for a margin of victory of .003. Ken must have not been too deterred by this as he won the Little Race that night for a nice 5k payday.
                R3 Dragster and I go straight back to the lanes after Jason runs and am paired with the bye car. He goes 2 red and I crush it and go .053 and one above. WTF!!!!!!!!!! This thing is still broke bc no way was I fifty. 
                R4 Cavalier and 15 cars remain. I am paired with Mr. Dragraceresults.com Scott Lemen. I dial 5.78 to his 4.73 and I am .007 and get in a few rips to take .010 only to be .005 under. Scott is a nice .012 dead on zero to eliminate the Cavalier. 
                R4 Dragster 15 cars remain and I have to run Ryan Richardson. Who knows what to do with the box as the car has a mind of its own. We did pour water over the tranny before this run but who knows if that will make a difference. I get lucky again as Ryan is .001 red and I am .003 red behind him. I leg it to a 4.630
                R5 Dragster 8 cars left and I have to run John Labbous Jr. I dial a 4.63 to his 4.88 I make an ok lap at .018 and dead 2 dripping 3mph but John shows why he is the man and goes .005 dead 5 while only taking .010 and I gave him 5 of those 10.
                Since I actually went a few rounds the 1st round of the little race was almost over so I take the dragster straight back to the lanes. I would rather run the Cavalier but Jason already took it so the dragster is my horse. Long story short I crush the tree only to be .032 and drop to dead on 2 to lose to my guys .019 and dead zero. I’m fixing to shoot this horse bc obviously it is hurt. We decide to change the transmission and fluid is burnt very badly. This looks like it could cause some reaction time inconsistency.  We put the new tranny in only to discover it has to come back out bc the converter is hitting one of the studs on the pump. Back out it comes to fix that and in it goes again. Hopefully our troubles are solved.
                Saturday is here and we are at the track early as Matt Tinnin is finishing the front half of the Cavalier this morning. The front is getting new springs, strut limiters removed, struts revalved and front end toe set.  The time trials in the Cavalier were .011 5.780 and .002 5.787 so I am pleased with that.   The car handles much better, works better and seems to repeat well all for more than a fair price. He also adjusted the 4 link on the dragster to help with the wheel stands. If anyone needs chassis work you can’t go wrong with Tinnin Drag Race Suspension. Thanks Matt! Dragster time trial was .021 and 4.644 @ 148.53 Seems a little slow but so does a lot of other dragsters. Guess our tranny wasn’t burned up that bad but hopefully the lights stay consistent.
                R1 Cavalier I dial 5.79 to my Roy Blair’s 4.91. I am .010 and dead on 8 for the L as he is .008 dead on zero taking .010. This is my 4th loss of the weekend and in 3 of them my opponent has been dead on zero.
                R1 Dragster and I dial 4.65 next to Shane Stout’s 4.76 I am .002 to his .011 and it looks like I can’t get there so I kill just a little. Unfortunately the car slowed on my and I am almost 3 over while he is dead 5. I may have been able to get there if I leg it. I’m not sure I guess that is just one of the mysteries the world will never know just like this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ0epRjfGLw Big race didn’t last long today as I was two and BBQ.
                Since I got beat early in the big race, I have no trouble getting both cars entered in the little race.  The dragster has a new transbrake button as Jason rolled the beams so the trans didn’t fix that.
                R1 Dragster and I have a rematch with Roy Blair. I dial a 4.67 to his 4.92 and I figure him to be holding two so I wanted a little in my pocket. I tree him .008 to .011 and drive him deep and drop to 141 mph to give him .012 and for him to be .005 under while I am one above zero.
                R1 Roadster I dial 5.80 to my opponent in a Nova who dialed 6.75. I go to pull the car back into low gear after the burnout and it won’t stay in low. A later inspection shows the shift wire has come off the delay box. I proceed to hold the shifter in low with my right hand, cross my body with my left hand and use my left hand on the transbrake button. I feel like I hit it but must not be very quick in pretzel mode and go .035 to my guys .018. Plus when I grab the wheel the cars moves left and I can get nowhere near catching him and drop to see my luckiest win light of the weekend as his one under. 
                R2 Roadster This round I switched the order of the cars as it made it easier as Jason was doubled in the dragster. I dial 5.80 to my 6.20 opponent in a nice black late 60’s Camaro. I get the jump .015 to .028 and he can’t run the number and easy by for the two over win.
                R2 Dragster I dial 4.67 to my 4.87 dialed opponent in a pro fab dragster as they go to the lanes late after a battery problem. This is my most disappointing loss of the weekend as I have the tree .010 to .025 and take .024 to lose a double break out race. Sure the car picked up a hundredth to the 330 but I should have been able to do a much better job at the finish line.
                R3 Roadster and I dial 5.80 next to the 5.48 on Todd Senseney’s Berretta. If you remember Todd is who I bought the Cavalier from. He trees me .014 to my .016 and goes dead on 8. I get a few rips in to take .011 but am 5 thou under to end my day.  
                Sunday is here and I get one hit in each car. The Cavalier goes .012 and 5.793 while the dragster goes .014 and 4.646. There are fewer cars today as they are calling for a storm to roll in this afternoon.
                R1 Roadster and I dial 5.79 next to Jim Hunter’s 4.65 dialed Racecraft dragster. Jim was the runner up in the little race on Friday night.   I am .009 and get treed by his .008 I get in two little rips at the finish line to take .009 and be dead on 1 for the win next to his .011 above pass. Looks like he killed a little mph too.
                R1 dragster and I am paired with Mike Bloomfield Jr. in his Camaro. My loyal readers out there, all 3 of you, will remember that Mike knocked me out of the 50k at Michigan with a .000 take .002 pass. Here he .010 and dead on 8 was more than enough to take care of my .021 and 4.66 pass. I was set up tight and though I crushed it and came up .021 which has me doubting the car. Later today when Jason goes almost .050 on the tree lets me know that the dragster is still screwed up.
                R2 Roadster and I am paired with Jason Meter. I dial 5.79 to his 4.98. I am .013 to his .005 and can tell he is coming around me so I drop to one above while his I dead on 6 to end my weekend. I like most of the runs I made in the Cavalier so at least I am leaving here with one competitive vehicle. Before next week the dragster will get an overall including new trans, different converter, fuel pump serviced(car still noses over a little at top of low), new slicks (found cords hanging out of these today) and it may be on gas. We are going to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRJjIQJEavE
$9836 balance - $1500 entries - $200 gas - $60 hotel + $750 winning +$450 points money - $590 suspension work = $8686
                I take out solo on the 180 mile trip to Ozark Raceway Park with the Camaro. The No Electronics class is paying $1700 and the Trophy class is paying $200. The only problem is the No Electronics class has a 9.99 ET break and the Camaro the last two time has only run mid 9.9’s Plus with Ozark being at a little elevation I don’t know how that will affect the computer controlled Camaro. My buddy Chris Sisco says I can drive his dragster if I can’t make the ET brake so at least I have a backup plan. Well my first time trial yields a .487 (I tried meeting the bulb as I know this track has a lot of rollout) and 10.26 Looks like I need to jump in Chris’s car. Chris’s car may not be a blinged out, tripled chrome, dual suspended, brand name machine but it has been known to turn on many win lights. Only problem is the pedals are two far away for me to drive. Looks like I won’t be doubling tonight. I do give Chris my No Electronics entry in exchange for 50% of his wins in No E as well as 10% of his wins in Super Pro. We were going to do 60% of No E and none of super pro but I heard in an Edwards Jones commercial that you are supposed to diversify your portfolio.  Second time trial the car scoots as I try to stall it above 2000rpm and I am .534 and 10.25(6.602 330).
R1 I dial 10.26 to the 8.22 dial in of my opponent. I lower my launch to around 1500 rpm as not to push the tires and hit my normal spot which gives me a .591 light which isn’t very good but it was good enough as my opponent was .624 I kill a bunch to take .021 and be .06 over for the win. My 330 dropped to a 6.576 so I was going quite a bit under.
R2 I lower my dial in to 10.22 while my opponent is dialed 7.68 I raise the launch to 1800 and know I miss the tree a little. Turns out I am .599 but that was plenty good against my opponent who was .999 and 6 above. I think they were having problems with their carb running in. My 330 was 6.575 which is good but if my limited runs in this car have taught me anything that it want’ to go faster the more runs you put on it. 
R3 I dial 10.22 to the 8.95 of my opponent. I go with the 1800 rpm and feel like I hit it good and go .577 to their .624 I find some brakes to take .049 and be 2 over for the win. My 330 dropped a little to 6.566
R4 with 9 cars remaining and I have to run Bob West and catch a nice break. I am .576 again and one above but get lucky that he lights the red by 3 thou. Even though he is 3 over I was toast if he is decent on the tree. 330 = 6.577
R5 with 5 cars left. This round is a two for one. The best light of this round will have the bye at 3 so I decided to go for that. Besides I’m not sure if .57X lights will keep cutting it. I leave around 1800 rpm still but bump in several more times. I am .528 to the .647 of my 7.17 dialed opponent. I get some breaks at the end to take .054 and be .003 under. Fortunately for me he is 7 hun under. My 330 was 6.548 so quicker again.
R6 with 3 cars left and my light got me the bye run. The pair in front of me had one red light and my would be final round opponent was late. I bump in deep again and go .527, 6.541 and 10.161 @ 67.96 mph. This was the first time I have been under power at the stripe in 6 runs and 5 hours and 20 minutes. No point of getting cute I wanted to run it out and know where I am at for sure.
R7 is the final. I have to run Neil Rumstein who strangely enough encouraged me on the message board to come when I asked about an et brake. He said come on down bc if nothing else trophy is paying money too. I dial 10.16 to his 6.88 I don’t bump in as far as before bc I am the last to get in and don’t want to get with my pants down.  I feel like I miss it a little. As were are going down the track I realize I am going to cross ahead and then realize that the finish line is almost here so find all 4 ABS brakes. Fortunately it was enough as I am one above. I bet I look like a super star taking .168 or over 20 feet. He did kill 5 or 6 mph but that is no excuse for getting lost on the track.
Another good night for me as I collect $200, park in the winner’s circle as well as my buddy Chris Sisco gets it done in Super Pro earning me another $100. I knew I wanted some of his super pro action. 
$8686 - $60 entry - $60 gas + $300 winnings + $270 casino (Michigan forgot earlier) = $9136
                Well that is it folks. This is the end to my last blog. My season isn’t over I still have the King of the Track race at Gateway coming up as well as the 3 Ten Grand races over Thanksgiving at Bowling Green Ky. Seems strange to me as the Missouri guy and I’m the one that races the longest bc I live in the warmest area. Luke had to dig deep to find 3 colder climates. Let’s take a look back on my goals I set out for this year and see how we did.
My goals for 2012 are to win the Tenn-Tuck points Failed with a broken car the first weekend and poor driving and performing car the last weekend I did not win. I did manage to finish in a tie for 13th as well as a tie for 22nd in my other car so not a terrible showing, and to win at the same race as my buddy and traveling partner Denny. Success as Denny and I pulled the triple up at Central Illinois Dragway in Havana IL.  I hope to write a humorous account of my racing as an APD Member Spotlight participant, Admit it even though it was long there were a few laughable moments. Race over 20 weekends straight, Done. and win at least one race that pays $5,000 or more Done times 2 I run myself in the final in Tulsa as well as scored the 10k victory in Michigan (you can watch it here it It has 58 views and only 50 of them are from me watching it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3suHH_tDeI&feature=plcp… And not go broke trying to accomplish any of these goals." Success I have had a great financial year actually turning a nice profit which will give me some seed money to start next year.
            I hope you all enjoyed it as it was fun for me. Remember to vote for your favorite member and if you vote for someone other than me I won’t hate you forever just while you’re breathing. I won’t hold the grudge past then.   A movie ends with credits but my story will end with a summary of facts of the year. Until next time remember be double O and take double O or just do what I do and that is to drive poor but get lucky.
247 total runs 140-58 round record 70.7% win rate, 5 wins 2 RU 3 splits in finals
88 total runs 39-23 round record 62.9% win rate, 1 win 1 split in finals
82 total runs 41-13 round record 75.9% win rate, 4 wins 3 RU
39 total runs 23-10 round record 69.7% win rate, 1 win
35 runs total 20-5 round record 80% win rate, 2 wins
Jimmie and Hillary’s Camaro
10 runs total 3-2 round record 60% win rate
501 runs total, 266-119 round record 69.1% win rate, 22 finals 13 wins, 5 Ru, 4 splits
Total money won $27470. Total money spent $18334. Total Profit $9136

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