Jonathan Robin: October Blog


As I write this last blog I am reflecting on all the fun I had this season. I have had some highs and lows but all and all it’s been great. I am only a round out of first in the Cajun Super Series in my first full year chasing the points. I have made it deep at a lot of races but still no WIN on the year.
At the end of September I ventured off to the National Dragster Challenge for a little long track action. A Wally was up for grabs for this one. I got on a roll on the tree and was doing a decent job on the other end also. I wasn’t trying to knock the tree down just setting up for 8-12 on the tree and hitting it was the plan. I found myself with the bye to the Semi’s where I sat back and watched my opponents run to see which lane to move into and make my hit in. My plan was to hit the tree hard and try and get lane choice in the semis over my opponent. I did just that with my .002 light. When I pulled back up at the trailer I was pretty confident that I had lane choice but so did my opponent. That guy would be Kevin Henry which is also a good friend of mine. When I told him I was putting him in the left lane he gave me this look like who you think you are. When I told him about my .002 light he understood. But he was not far behind with his .003 light. Now I know why he gave me that look. In the semis I decided to miss the tree and go .024 dead on zero for the L. My worst lap of the day and it couldn’t have come at a worst time. Kevin was .014 dead on 7 for the Win. This was his best pass of the day. Of course! To add insult to injury he was a stellar .065 on the tree in finals for the Win. But all and all I did like to see him win if I couldn’t. He had a bad couple of weeks before that and needed that one. 
        Kevin and the rest of us in the winner circle for the National Dragster Challenge
My next race was my second to last point’s race for the CSS. I came into the race two rounds out of first and needed to make moves.  It seemed like everything was falling my way and I started making some nice laps as the night went on. Come third round the point’s leader Wade Ellis and also good friend lost. This was good for my chances but also I really don’t like to see my friends lose. As I pulled in the lanes for the quarters to see who I had to run I figured out that someone would get the bye to the final. My wheels started turning on what to do to try and set myself up for that. I found out I had to run the same guy I beat first round and I had confidents that I could tighten the tree up a bit and try and get the bye. This was the worst decision I could’ve made in hind sight. I rolled into the water with all the confidence in the world and left the starting line with an empty feeling. I went -.002 red to my opponents .048 and to top it all off I ran it out and went dead on. Looking ahead sure bit me on my azz! On the bright side I am now one round out of first heading into the last point’s race next month. Either way it falls its either going to be Wade or me on top which is great.           
                                  Wade’s car and my Nelly Bell all loaded up for the Million
This would be the first Million for the both of us. We were excited to say the least. Wade showed up at my house on Wednesday morning ready to go so we loaded up and east bound and down. We arrived around five and got a pretty good parking spot. Man this place was packed and they just kept rolling in.   I think the final count was over 300 cars. This was the biggest bracket race that I’ve ever been to. It was everything it was pumped up to be. Thursday was the first race of the 3 20K’s. I pulled the car out the trailer expecting it to run 4.85-86 at best. To my surprise it went 4.83 at 143 which was damn good for me. One of my goals this weekend was to only buy back one time which I kept that going with winning first round that day. Second round I had my guy covered up pretty good and just when I went to make a move the car fell on its face. Come to find out I had two issues. One was a clogged fuel filter and the other was a rocker arm stud. Thanks to Bones, Heath, Kevin, and Wade for helping me get it back together for the next day. That made for an early exit Thursday but I felt good about the rest of the weekend. The crew decided it was time to go out and let loose a little. 
                       Elie, Tony G. and Wade’s hand at outback slamming a few back.
Friday brought a new day and hopefully a lot more racing. I made two really good time trials and was ready for first round. With three hundred plus cars trying to go down the track it took awhile to get your turn. I made my way up to the lanes with a good game plan and all I had to do was execute it. As they starting pulling the lanes out it fell out to where I had to run cool hand Luke. Let’s just say I did everything I thought was right and still no win light. I will let you see for yourself. 
              I was double O take double O for the L. Not the outcome I was looking for.
The teacher sent me to the buy back window for the first time that weekend. I laid down a really nice lap in the bye back round to advance to the real second round. It was only like 3 hours since I ran 1st round that I lined up for second. Second round I was a little tardy with a .019 bulb and watched my opponent drive around me with ease. You can’t do that at this race and expect to go rounds. I was good all weekend until that point and I paid for it. As for the rest of the crew we really never got anything rolling.
                            This was Wade about to make a hit against Jeggie.  
                                        This was the line to get into the staging lanes.
Saturday brought the Million and beer drinking for this guy. I did not enter the Million for two reasons. One being it was $2,000 to enter and the other I didn’t want to spend that much and get beat up like I did in the other two races. I kicked back with the crew and watched the action as it happened. They had some really good racing that day. 
       Shane “Sugar” Carr coming back up the track after he won the Million. They were
      drowning him in beer right here. 
Sunday was the last day for me to redeem myself if at all possible. The final 20K was here and it was time to do some damage. First round I was .004 and got the win. Second round I had little Bloomfield and was .007 to his .005 but he went under as I dropped dead on. Third round I had the pleasure of running big Bloomfield to complete the family tree. I was .004 and dead on 8 for the win. Fourth round brought on Mr. Ed Richardson. I knew I had to really put my big boy draws on for this one. Ed had been driving really well and I was at a big MPH disadvantage. I contemplated how to approach this one and my final decision was to trust the car and hit the tree. I had the tree and as we got down there I saw it was going to be close so I held the old girl to the wood and prayed for the best. My score board went bling with my win light and as I looked up we were both dead on. That was the first time I drove it out the back door in years. Fifth round I pulled up against a good ole Vega. I put a couple in the box because a few cars went red ahead of me and the sun was going down. I hit the tree felt decent and drove it on down there to see I was going to fall a little short and I gave it one whip of the throttle. No win light in my lane. Come to find out we both went .004 under our dial and he was .027 to my .031. Have no clue where that came from but it put me on the trailer for the weekend. I got some round money for my efforts so that helped with the tab. I had a great time and will be back next year to compete in the biggest race of the year. I would have to say the hospitality at this race was second to none. 
This concludes all my on track efforts up in till now. I have three races left this season and still a shot a championship. I will be busy in November finishing up my year and then a few much needed months off. This will be the last blog that I will be writing for the year. I am going to miss recalling all of my trials and tribulations with everyone. I have gotten some really good feedback from most of you which makes this all worth it.
I would like to give Luke a big thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my season with the rest of you. I also have to thank all the sponsors that supported this great program. A special thanks to Huntsville Engine, Milodon, FTI, K&N, Nitro Plate, JJ Performance, Jegs U.S. Open, and for all of their support of the Member Spotlight. Thanks to my mom and dad for all of their support I couldn’t do it without them. I would like to thank my wife for enjoying my passion for this great sport and supporting me in what I love doing. Thanks to everyone who has helped out this year. Thanks to the few readers I have acquired along the way.   See ya at a track near you.              


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