2012 APD Member Spotlight Participants Announced

Carterville, IL: The 2012 APD Member Spotlight on ThisIsBracketRacing.com will feature Lindsey Cramsey (Denver, CO), Jason MacNeil (Stellarton, NS Canada), Jeremy McKague (Chamois, MO), and Nick Shepherd (Portland, OR). The program, in its second year of existence, will feature monthly blogs from each of the above participants as we follow their successes and failures in sportsman racing competition.

Nearly 100 TIBR members applied for the 2012 APD Member Spotlight Program, making the selection of just 4 participants very difficult for the TIBR staff. Cramsey, MacNeil, McKague, and Shepherd were selected based on their on-track resume, location, writing and storytelling ability, and their patronage to ThisIsBracketRacing.com.

"Choosing the APD Member Spotlight cast each year is one of the toughest decisions we make at TIBR," said Luke Bogacki. "Just like last year, we received a ton of interest and nearly 100 applications. Each of them was great in their own right, and I’m sure each applicant would do a great job. I want to thank each and every member who took the time to submit an application. With that said, I’m really excited about this years group of participants. They’ll provide some diverse insight from all around North America, and they all compete in different arenas within sportsman racing. I think I speak for the TIBR audience when I say that I’m really looking forward to following each of their seasons."

The first round of APD Member Spotlight blogs will hit TIBR in late April, but we’ll take this opportunity to introduce the 2012 cast.

Lindsey Cramsey (Denver, CO)

Lindsey is a 14 year veteran of the sport, but 2012 will be her rookie year in Super Comp and Super Pro competition. Following a very successful junior dragster career, Lindsey earned her mettle in the Sportsman category at her home track, Bandimere Speedway, over the past five years before purchasing a 2001 Mullis Dragster in January. She’ll drive that car in Super Pro competition at Bandimere, and make limited Super Comp appearances along the NHRA Division 5 tour.

"My parents tell me that my first time to the race track was when I was 3 days old (no wonder I can’t hear anymore) and I really did grow up at Bandimere Speedway… I missed my Junior and Senior prom because they both happened to fall on race days! I didn’t walk at my actual graduation day as I went with a friend to Great Bend, KS for a divisional, and I spend hours talking racing with my family and friends… I truly love the sport and (will) really enjoy being a part of the APD Member Spotlight."

-From Lindsey’s Member Spotlight Application

Jason MacNeil (Stellarton, NS Canada)

Jason races a 1979 Chevrolet Monza in and around Nova Scotia, Canada. He has four local dragstrips, each within a 3 hour drive of his Stellarton home. He competes mainly within the ADRA (Atlantic Drag Racing Association), an association in which he is a 3-time champion. He’s won track championships at Raceway Park, PEI in 2006, and last season at Cape Breton Dragway. He drives the multi-purpose Monza in Super Pro, Hot Rod, and No Box classes, and also rides a motorcycle in the Bike/Sled class.

"My goals for 2012 are simple: Keep the family happy and have fun at the track. I think that giving TIBR subscribers an insight into the racing that takes place in a completely different geographic area, that some of them may have never even heard of, (will) be cool."

-From Jason’s Member Spotlight Application

Jeremy McKague (Chamois, MO)

Jeremy competes in a wide variety of cars, classes, and events. His racing stable currently includes a 2007 Racecraft Dragster, a 2004 Cavalier Roadster, and a street driven 2001 Chevy Prizm (that’s not a typo). With those cars and more, Jeremy is known to compete in classes ranging from $10,000-to-win bracket events to $100-to-win Street Class races at facilities throughout the Midwest. His notable on track accomplishments include a track championship at the now defunct Mid America Raceway, a pair of Tenn-Tuck event victories, and Mega Bucks wins at Gateway Motorsports Park and I-57 Dragstrip.

"I spent over $1300 in entry fees for my Geo Prizm last year, I’m sure that is a record (kinda like Happy Gilmore having the record as the only person ever to take his skate and try to stab someone). My goals for 2012 are to win the Tenn-Tuck points, and to win the at the same race as my buddy and traveling partner Denny. I hope to write a humorous account of my racing as an APD Member Spotlight participant, race over 20 weekends straight, and win at least one race that pays $5,000 or more… And not go broke trying to accomplish any of these goals."

-From Jeremy’s Member Spotlight Application

Nick Shepherd (Portland, OR)

Nick has earned a reputation as one of the best bottom bulb racers in the Northwest, driving his familiar 1962 Chevy II to back-to-back track championships at Woodburn Dragstrip in 2010 and 2011. He was voted the 2010 NHRA Division 6 E.T. Driver of the year, and has claimed several big buck race titles throughout the region. Nick races on a tight budget, and enjoys immense success with a relatively "low buck" combination.

"I’m 33 years old, I work as a CPA, I drag race, I’m married, and I have no kids. Many people who meet me through my work say ‘I don’t know any CPAs that drag race…’ Many people would say that I’m cheap. I’m debt adverse and I try to keep my ego out of my racing. Since I am kind of cheap, I have one fundamental theory that is different than many racers. I feel that the best ‘part’ on the car to work, upgrade, etc. is your brain. My racing program most consistently involves improving me, which is what led me to ThisIsBracketRacing.com in the first place."

-From Nick’s Member Spotlight Application

Each of the four TIBR members selected for participation in the APD Member Spotlight program will receive a prize package courtesy of participating sponsors Advanced Product Design (APD), K&N Engineering, Nitroplate, J&J Performance, and ThisIsBracketRacing.com. At years end, TIBR members will vote one participant as the TIBR "Member of the Year." That member will receive a grand prize package courtesy of Wiseco Performance, Milodon, Huntsville Engine & Performance, Dedenbear, and the JEGS U.S. Open Bracket Championships.

Keep up with Lindsey, Jason, Jeremy, and Nick on ThisIsBracketRacing.com’s APD Member Spotlight throughout 2012. Look for their initial blogs in late April, and while you’re at it be sure to check out the latest resources from sportsman drag racing’s only online driving school, www.ThisIsBracketRacing.com.

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