APD Member Spotlight Blog (May): Jeremy McKague


Dig Up Stupid!
Looks like it is that time again. I hope everyone is actually done reading last month’s blog. I think if you read 8 hours per day you should be done by now. It isn’t quite as long this month but I have included much more video enjoyment. As a special treat thanks to my new helmet cam you can ride along in the every awesome Prizm.
                The following weekend brought the make up for the Jeg’s Super Quick race and NHRA open at Gateway. If you remember the previous weekend was rained out. This weekend Jason once again wheeled the dragster while I focused my efforts on making the Cavalier more consistent. My thoughts were to loosen all the struts in an effort to increase traction. The Cavalier has been very inconsistent as well as turning left when it leaves the line. It only goes left on the runs in spins. After some work getting to the rear struts, I had to remove the wheels as those wheelie bars are right in the way, and I found they were already set loose. So much for that theory. I also decided that perhaps the low launch rpm wasn’t helping plant the tires so I raised it to 4100 rpm from the previous setting of 3600 rpm. Also If you actually read the novel I wrote last month you will know that I had my shift timer set too low and thought that may have contributed so I raised it to 2.7 seconds from 2.3 On sat I entered Super Pro and Pro once again but their isn’t four classes today only the two 1/8th mile ones. I consider entering super gas too but even I think that would be crazy as I plan to do some adjusting today and I am sure I will be lost enough. I get in for no additional cost since I had my tech cards from last week’s rain out. This weekend’s weather was not much better as it was cold and windy. My first tt was in the footbrake mode. I go .033 and 5.84 @ 115 and run it out to 9.31 @ 139. Even though today is 1/8th mile they have the quarter mile clocks on due to the NHRA classes running. MPH was down but there is a stiff head wind today. 1st time trial for super pro and the car goes left pretty hard and goes .012 5.840 @ 115.44 This seems strange as last week the car was quicker off the transbrake maybe cause went left. Once nice thing is that with my new shift setting the car shifted at 7000 so 2 weeks ago I was way short shifting it. Before the 2nd time trial we think that perhaps the wheelie bar is steering the car so instead of adjusting them I removed them. I was tired of them being in the way. I also stiffed the right shock to see if I could make an improvement. 2nd tt in pro I go .078 (as you can see I am not comfortable cutting a light in this car) and go 5.857 @ 115.06 and 9.318 @ 140.53 which looks good according to my first run except for the fact that the sixty foot time was almost 2 hundredths slower on the second run. So I assume it spun but I don’t really know for sure. 2nd tt for Super pro is .015 and 5.799 @ 115.73 and 9.24 @ 141 with a shift timer setting of 2.65 where I leave it for the rest of the night. The wind has died down some but that is still a big pick up. I picked up .023 in the sixty and the car went straighter than the previous run but still not great. Maybe the adjustments and less weight of the wheelie bars are the cause.
                R1 Pro I draw Bob Westoff and his 1960 Falcon. Bob has been racing as long as I can remember in the same car and is known to be very tough. I also go in the right lane for the first time today. I dial 5.90 and he dials 6.49 so I am holding at least 6 but remember my last super pro run was way faster. Also I tightened the right shock some more so who knows the results of that. I leave and know I am dead late also I know I am carrying a lot and there is not near the room in front I need so what seem to be an easy decision I park it hard. Doesn’t matter much as Bob is .004 and I am .081. He is dead on 7 (told you he was tough) and I am .043 under out of it 10 mph. Judging by the 330 time I was going 5.81 or 5.80 maybe my shock adjustment is paying off. This confirms that my last time run was bad.
                R1 Super Pro I drag a very quick dragster who later becomes the number 3 qualifier in the Jeg’s Super Quick race and also my brother’s first round opponent on Sunday. He dials 4.52 and I am back in the right lane with a 5.80 dial. I went 5.799 the last super pro run and my footbrake run kind of backs that up. I leave with a not so nice .038 and am very happy to see the scoreboard blinking before I get into high gear. I run it out to a 5.797 Now this is more like it two runs within .002   It also went straight when it launched so maybe this shock thing has got us back on track. 
                R2 Pro. For the small fee of $30 I am back into competition. I am paired with an opponent I don’t know dialed in at 6.81 but I do know that in round 1 she was .250 on the tree. I elect with the 5.90 dial since hope to have the advantage on the tree and don’t want the Cavalier to fall off 5 hundredths and bone me. When we are a few pair back I can tell I won’t have her and that someone screwed the pairings up. I now draw the ever tough Ricky Thomas. I got lucky and beat Ricky twice last time here and was holding a lot both runs. Also Ricky time trialed next to me and knows for sure I am holding a lot. I know in tt Ricky ran a 6.93 and I am happy to see a 6.91 on his car so most likely I am getting a clean wheel. However I can’t be sure that Ricky isn’t capable of breaking out due to the fact that everyone has picked up some and that he is excellent racer and most likely can vary his et with launch and/or shift rpm. I would like to change my dial but we are 2 pairs back and I’m strapped in so we will have to go with it. I got lucky and Ricky spun the tires and was .047 and .024 over. I was happy to hit the tree for once and was .008 and took .011 to be a safe five over. Also my 330ft time was within 1 hundredth of my last time run, not great but a far improvement from last week.
                R2 Super Pro I move over to the right lane bc they are running us very quickly and the left lane is much longer. Also they have already called Pro back to the lanes so I don’t want to be the last car down the track. I get local racer Doug Graf in his dragster. Doug is a former track champion and about a tough of a racer as he is a nice guy. I dial 5.80 and Doug is a 4.86   I get lucky and Doug’s has problems and after I pull into the water they tell me he is broke. I stage the car and the green in instantaneously on. I don’t even have the button pushed in and leave with a 1.541 reaction. I was very happy to see the scoreboard pop up a 5.800 The cavalier is leaving straight and repeating for the most part. Things are looking up.
                R3 Pro. I draw a pickup dialed in at a 9.15 for this week Pro and Sportsman are combined. Last round I seen this guy run and he had to be at least .300 on the tree. I dial a 6.90 with the plan that I’ll watch him leave and see if I need to push the tree and since I’m holding so much it will be easier to drive the stripe. I watch him leave and think that looks ok I need to hit the tree. You guessed it. I am 004 red and he is .155 what happened to it looking good? I guess I forgot he was slower and that means he had to leave sooner and compared to the last rounds light it looked ok. Yep dumb ass attack in my lane. I ran it out to a 5.811 so at least that was encouraging.
                R3 Super Pro I have to run Barclay Schmidt. Running Barclay will probably be a common occurrence as we both run Super pro and Pro so we are both constantly in the back of the line. Barclay dials 6.29 and I dial 5.82 in the right lane.   I really think the car will go 5.80 but it is dark now and the car has been known to slow down with the lights come on. I was .008 and Barclay missed it and was .039 I take too much stripe of .027 but was lucky to be safe with a 2 over. My 330 was within .002 of the last run. Maybe we have this thing figured out bc the track is poor.
                R4 Super Pro and we are now on the ladder as there are 16 cars left. My opponent is Darren Keener in a dragster dialed 4.79    I am now liking the consistency of the cavalier and due to the size of my marbles I dial the conservative 5.80   I let go and know I crush it. The car leaves and I am smiling when the green falls until once again hard left. I bring it back and “little Keener” pulls up beside me and rip rip rip and takes .0005 for the dead on 3 win. He was .030 and dead on 3 and I was .003 and 3 above. Just when I think the car is good and left it goes again. 
                Right about now I feel the same about this car as Adam Sandler feels about his. (Warning not work safe) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-34Fdtg1dI
                Sunday comes and I once again enter super pro and pro. However today they both will be quarter mile. Not to mention it rains most of the morning and we don’t get started till after noon. We get only one time trial today. It was cold and windy and the track was suspect. We decide the shock adjustment doesn’t cut it so we put those back and my good friend Corey Landolt adds two flats of preload to the suspension. We make the mistake (I found this out later) of not neutraling the antiroll bar. While doing that Jason did give the dragster a bath with some shop towels and water from a rain puddle. Yep we’re not quite as sophisticated as some of the other racers. Well basically all of them.
My time trial of Pro is .057 and 5.879 at 114.43 and 9.35 @ 139.54 the car goes straight but it always does footbraking. This is slow but there is a big head wind and the track is bad. I don’t really feel bad about it as all of my camp, including my dragster, were slow. First time trial of Super Pro and I am 3 pairs back and it sprinkles a little so we are down. They drag the track and we are back going. Get the car up to temp and the first car, former million dollar race winner Greg Sesti, completes his burnout and it rains again. Finally we get to run. Greg aborts. Car two makes it halfway down. I then get to run. I do a monster across the line burnout. I don’t really know if this will help but it is way cool and it seemed like I had a good excuse. I leave and surprise surprise it goes left. I get it back in the groove and slip and slide my way to a .011 5.900 @ 113.89 and 9.389 @ 139.31 that time trial was a waste. I get back and nothing is running seems they are spraying the track. Little too late for me but hopefully the track will be better the rest of the day.
R1 Pro I am in the left lane and have no faith in the track. My opponent is dialed in at 10.37 The round trend shows everyone is slow and who knows the condition of the track so I pick 9.51 and have full intention of taking the stripe. I watch the next 4 pair in front of me and every one is a double break out. So much for that dial. We are both staged and the tree doesn’t come down but I am not looking away as last time here they were known to not set the tree down properly. About now out of my peripheral I see people near the driver’s door of my opponent but I’m still not looking away. Then the starter comes in front and motions me back I put the shifter in reverse but before I can push the brake button he shakes his head no and points forward. We are both still fully staged so I ram it back in low gear and blindly torque it up. The tree doesn’t go for at least 5 more seconds and my opponent is bad red. I don’t know what could have screwed him up! Yeah right. Somehow I am .017 and make a nice straight run and go 9.31 at 140 Even though I was footbraking I was 5 hundredths in the 1/8th and 1/10th in the quarter quicker.
R1 Super Pro I draw Dan Smith in his Lebaron dialed in at 8.86 I’m in the right lane and am sick of the car going to the left so I lower the launch from 4100rpm back to the original 3600rpm. Strangely enough in the past this does not seem to hurt my reaction time so I don’t have to worry about the box. I dial in a 9.31 since I just ran this in pro and know my super pro run should be faster. I’m .010 and he is .022 at 1000 ft I can tell I will take the stripe by a lot and begin to cut him in. Well Dan’s car runs big speed over 150 mph and about 1250 feet I go into panic mode as he is coming around me so I go back to the floor all the way to the stripe. I let him around me .002 but dumb luck turns the light on my side. As we are both under. I go 9.290 and he runs 8.826. My sixty is much improved probably from the lower launch and the track is improving. The wind is also dying down and the skies are clearing.
R2 Pro and my opponent is dialed 12.53   After watching many runs I decide the track is ok now and dial a 9.35(what I’m not that confident in the track or car) My opponent car has the name “on time racing”. When you think about it what a perfect name for a bracket car. I watch my guy leave and he looks to be “on time” He was .041 and I leave with a .038 the car is nice and straight and I tip it once at 1000 ft and roll up on him and uh oh. That didn’t look right. Yep his light came on and I was .021 over and .010 behind. He was dead on 8, his car lived up to its name, so I would have to take .010 or less so at least I was justified in trying to make it tight. I would like to say I knew I hadn’t killed enough and parked behind but I can’t lie to my loyal readers, if there is anyone left. Truth is I was trying to take it and came up 2 feet short. I still need more work at driving the stripe especially against the slower cars. At least I was within .003 of my last footbrake run.
R3 Super Pro I have to hustle back to the lanes as super pro is already running and not many pairs left. Due to my late arrival there was some confusion of who I should be running and finally I am paired with Darryl Sutton and his dragster. Darryl is dialed in at 9.25 but is on the stop and runs well over 150 mph. I dial 9.28 as my last run was a 9.29 out of it. So I may be holding a little. I am .015 and he is .032 I rip it about 10 times and take .028 (I suck at this game) and break out going 9.244 and Darryl is also under going 9.225   His light is blinking. Darryl went on to win Super Pro so at least I can say I was connected to the winner somehow. I only picked up a little over one hundredth to the 1000ft mark so apparently I killed more than I thought last run. Plus all the cars were breaking out so I would guess the weather changed some as the storm was rolling out. 
The weekend was not very successful from turning on win lights but I will say that with the different shift that the car was much more consistent then last time. It is still not good but at least we are on the right track. I hope to have this thing lined out before the big bucks races roll around. Another call to Matt Tinnin and I now have some more thoughts for the next time out.
-$3340 begging balance - $135 entries +$75 winnings = -$3400 new balance I didn’t add any fuel as I hitched a ride and all alcohol was previously paid for so it looks like a cheap weekend but still further in the hole.
                The following weekend we are back at Gateway for a regular bracket race. There are not many cars here today. There is a 40% chance of pm thunderstorms plus Gateway has not been exactly making everyone happy. The new owner wanted a new attitude and hired all new employees but unfortunately none have worked at a dragstrip before.   There are other issues but I don’t feel this is the place to vent my feelings. Anyways I make the rational decision of with hardly no one here I can’t enter super pro 1/4th , 1/8th as well as pro 1/8th and 1/4th I decide to enter only 3 classes and to leave super pro 1/4th out. A $160 check gets me in the gate. I wish Gateway would have paid me last weekend (it was in the mail was the response I got) Also no one really knows what is going on. The website said gates at 11. It didn’t say anything about time runs. After doing some questioning I found out that we were going to have open time runs with a 4 run limit and then one final run for each class. I know it sounds like a lot but they only ran open for 40 min or so. Did we really need the run sticker with the 4 limit? I get my main man Corey and the big wrenches back out and under the 4 link we go again. We decide to take the preload back out since that didn’t help and check the antiroll. We were going to start from scratch. After neutraling the 4 link bar Corey notices that the anti roll is not neutral. In fact he had to take over 2 turns out of it to go neutral. We decide since I’ve owned the car it has never been right to just make a run with everything neutral. Open runs are now closes so I will get 3 time runs still. In the first pro time run I elect to use the transbrake as I am more concerned with checking the suspension then cutting a light. I do leave with the low launch of 3600 as I don’t really know which direction the car will go.   The car leaves straight and goes 1.273 and 5.845 @ 116.07   The general consensus from my buddies was the track was terrible so I was happy to hear it went straight. The second time trial I raised the launch to 4200 and the car went slightly right. This is an improvement as it has never went right before and runs 1.272 and 5.851 @ 115.92 Now we are on to something. I hurry back up to make my last footbrake run and go 1.294 5.872 @116.08 and 9.287 @142.76   This all seems in order. Before rd 1 Corey adds one half flat to the 4 link bar and reneutrals the antiroll. We get to the lanes and there are dark clouds forming in the distance. Gateway decides to drag the track for over 20 minutes. You can tell everything is fixing to get bad. They run one pair and a few sprinkles fall and we are on hold. After about 10 minutes the racers decide we are heading back to the pits.   We get the cars loaded up and about 5 minutes later it hit. Golf ball to tennis ball sized hail. It broke windows, it pull holes in the tops of enclosed trailers. It dented everything. It was bad. So much for racing today. I guess we will need to wait to see if the half flat fixed anything. I am encouraged by the results especially since the track was once again suspect. Racing is cancelled and we drove home in the storm all the way.
-$3400 - $160 = -$3560 The hole gets deeper. I need to quit digging. That won’t work maybe this advice form Chief Wiggum will. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b97zJxKEqAk
                The following week I had to coach a track meet on Saturday. This leads Denny and I to load up the Prizm and his bike for some Sunday action at Central Illinois Dragway in Havana IL. We set out on the 196 mile trip at 5:15 am Sunday morning. We arrived around 9:00am for the 10:00am time trial start. We should have slept a little longer as the track had timing issued and didn’t start time trials till around 11:40. I entered sportsman and street class and Denny entered the pro class on his bike. Things started off great as my first light of the day was a .0000 CID measure to the 4th place and this was only my second ever quadruple zero light. I run it out to a 12.24. This was slower than I thought it would go as I left my variable valve sensor hooked up in an effort to gain some consistency. I also didn’t put premium gas in for some more experimentation. I follow that up by backing into a fence post before the second time trial. I am an excellent driver. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vMCTgGjTRA
At least the fence post wasn’t damaged...
Second time trial yields a .025 light and a 12.10 so much for the consistency. Before the 3rd tt I unhook the variable valve timing. It goes .004 and 12.26   Last time trial I am .056 red and go 12.29 Why such a bad run? CID doesn’t hold the tree for deep stagers so when my opponent double bulbed me I bored it in and ended way too deep.  
R1 Sportsman 5:12pm Bye run.   I don’t like having the bye run in the first round normally but with this track offering first or second round buybacks I don’t mind having it as it guarantees me to be in rd 3. Later on I found out do to the late start second round buybacks are cancelled. Oh well. I have to bore it in quick again and go -.021 and 12.254.   Looks good.
R1 Street 5:19pm Notice the times as the two classes I run are back to back. It has only been 6 min and I know the prizm has a tendency to pick up when hot lapped but it isn’t a given. I dial a 12.26 and my opponent is 9.05 I am 35 on the tree and they are 235, gotta like that. I take a nice errrrr conservative .244 stripe and go 12.36 at 50mph. I went 58mph in tt. That was a lot of stripe but like my number 1 gambling buddy Brian Gardener tells me “don’t be a hero and take triple zero.” I knew I had to be safe.   My hunch was correct and the prizm picks up a smooth 8 hundredths (7.936) to the 330. I also now have a helmet cam with today being its debut. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSPfBH-bbmg
R2 Sportsman 6:19pm I hour since my last time run so I can’t be sure the prizm will keep up its quick pace but I suspect it should keep some of it. I go with a 12.20 dial even though I think last run was going to be a 12.15 to 12.17 My opponent is dialed in at a 11.21 I am .031 and he is .230 (I like the two tenth advantages) I go 12.27 at 53mph taking .081 while he was 5 under. My 330 was a 7.949 which is within .013 slower than the last run. However when racing the Prizm that is like being within .002 in a normal car. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9dKnebGBlo
R2 Street 6:26pm Only 7 minutes from my last run. I pick the 12.16 dial as I think this is about what I was going last run and I expect the heat to pick it up a little. My guy is dialed 9.00 I panic stage the car as he bored it in and I get a little deep. I leave and know I’m late turn out it is better than I thought at .068 Probably because of my sloppy staging. My opponent is .110 but can’t run the number and I get the easy win. My 330 was 7.933 so that is encouraging. This track does give a 594 ft time but I can’t use those as I have not been under power to this line since my last time trial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCUdCs1y3yc
R3 Sportsman 7:26 It has been one hour since my last run but the temp is dropping fast so I don’t really expect the car to slow down but …… you never know. I dial in at a 12.16 and my opponent is a 10.55 I leave with a .014 light and he is .099 I do a lot of lifting and take .072 at 54 mph to be 4 above while he is .02 above. My 330 time was a 7.923 so for the prizm basically dead on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPamIhNXFqM
R3 Street 7:30pm 4 minutes from the last run. I was on a 12.14 or so run last pass. I pick the 12.16 dial. I don’t really want to hold in here as tightening up the stripe a lot is nearly impossible but the last run was the fastest of the day and I don’t know if it will get any faster even hot lapping. Plus sometimes in the past if the car gets too hot it will slow down. My opponent is a 9.15. I am 36 and they are .071 I go 12.18 on the brakes a tiny bit and they are one above. The stripe was .028 this was a tight race. My 330 slowed to a 7.953 so it looks like I made a good choice with the dial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qpeIGEsRhs
R4 Sportsman 7:57pm Semi final No buy run for me as I wasted it in round 1. Gotta earn this one. I guess my last run to be a 12.17 I go with a 12.16 dial as the air has cooled off a lot now and also I suspect that perhaps the car was too hot the last run bc of the big slow down. Plus I know my opponent was 90 on the tree the last run so I hope to have a little leeway here and hate to break it out a tiny bit. This is the dialer in me coming back. Although it is a sad day when I put more faith in my prizm then I do my finish line driving but honestly driving the strip at these speeds is not easy. He is also dialed in at 7.70 so faster than most of my opponents so this factored into my decision also. I am .037 and he is .269 I do a lot of early lifting and take .145 and go 12.38 while he goes 7.83 My 330 was 7.96 so I estimate it to be a 12.18 or 12.19 although I can’t be sure since I have no clue if the car is backhalfing quicker or slower now. I expect quicker. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-Wkn7BFlVU
R4 Street 8:00 Semi final I have the bye run and elect just to cruise down the track since it was 3 minutes from my last run and I drove directly out on the track without ever turning off the car. 
Let’s break this down. I am now in both finals. Also Denny has just won the semi finals in pro on his bike. We have never doubled up before and now we are in all 3 finals. I have to run both mine first and then him so the pressure is on me to win at least one of these. They call all 3 finals to the lanes and for some reason decide to run the street final before sportsman even though that is backwards from how we have been running. 
R5 Street Final 8:18 I pick 12.18 as I think it will run this or quicker. I was running local Rachel Sinclair and from what I’ve heard she has been on the tree all night. She dials an 8.85 in her late model Firebird. I am .029 and thankfully she misses it and is .102 I do a lot of pedaling and take .054 to be 4 over and she is 2 over. Pressure is off. Even if I screw the next one up, it will be up to Denny to seal the double up. My 330 was 7.92 so I was definitely quick. Without knowing how it will back half I would guess it was going 12.15   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jBnwTHS5M4
R5 Pro Final and waiting for me the King of CID, Jimmie Barrett. I say this will all due respect to everyone but Jimmie owns pro and sportsman here and it’s not just in this pond that he can play he is a three time ET finals champion. It is 8:23pm and I go with the 12.15 dial in. Jimmie is on a 7.89 When I pull on the track I notice my dial is wrong at a 12.18 This causes me concern as I had to have the engine run longer than I wanted. I leave and am .014 and am ecstatic to see my win light come on as Jimmie is 6 red. I run it out and go 12.136 even though my 330 was .015 slower than last run. I guess it was backhalfing way better. That means the run before I was going one tenth under. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho0WxDyfU70
A great night so far but let’s see if Denny can put the icing on the cake. On the way back I pull over to the side to see Denny run. Denny’s guy is red and I am stoked. I have won a few big races and although it doesn’t have quite the same feel it is almost as good as winning a 10 grand race. It wasn’t as difficult but it was about as exciting. We have been chasing the double up for a while and jumped over it and went straight to the triple up so I guess we can keep our goal of looking for the double up. The only downside is the photographer left so the only pic I got is a crappy one on my phone but I’ll take it.
Triple up only part that didn’t win a class was the trailer!  Brian told me this looks like a scene from the Blair Witch Project
196 miles later and we were home at 1:15am but not before Denny treated me to a quarter pounder with cheese. I made the ruling that Denny had to buy even though we both won because he won more money.  
-$3560 - $55 entries - $60 gas + $350 winnings ($225 sportsman + $125 street) = -$3325 I guess Chief Wiggum instructions from the clip I posted after the last weekend worked as I am digging out of this hole. Slowly but at least we are moving in the right direction.
                You may have noticed a few words that I spoke when I won some of the rounds. Honestly until I watched the videos I didn’t even realized I said anything. Then I notice a winner winner, boom, and of course the boom shakalaka! It reminds me of this scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yYDzLUH1NE I also realize that most of what I say reveals to the world that I am a dork but like I told my track athletes when they made fun of my big straw hat the day before. There comes a time in your life when you realize you are not cool and never will be. However I like the camera because even though it reveals my dumbness I am undefeated with it on. Hopefully the streak continues. I know I can keep up my end of saying dumb things as long as the win light keeps shinning.
                Another Saturday brings the Sectional track meet so once again I am in for some Sunday racing action. Denny and I load up the bike and Prizm and set off for Central Illinois Dragway to see if we can repeat our victories from the weekend before. This Sunday is also the Wally day so there will be a little more on the line. Once again I enter Street and Sportsman but this time they also have a bike class so Denny enters pro and bike. I make 5 time trials mainly in an effort to keep the car warm. In order they were .026 12.12, .021 12.17, .082 12.15, .046 12.12, and .001 12.09   My lights are sporadic as they don’t hold the tree for deep stagers so my staging is inconsistent to say the least. The .082 was just me sucking but the .046 I hit but wasn’t even in deep when the tree activated. For the prizm though I was pleased with the consistency. I also managed to get my spotlight member decals put on although my wife said I couldn’t due to her driving the car to work and not wanting to get made fun of. So I taped them on from the inside. 
If they ain’t a race car I don’t know what is
R1 sportsman 2:57pm I am dialed in at a 12.12 even though I just went a 12.09   I don’t think I am holding. We just took a lunch break and I don’t expect the prizm to be up to race temp yet so I expect it won’t run as quick. My opponent is dialed in at a 9.00   I leave and it feels good. Yet he is on top of me at the first line. I park it and get .146 behind. I was .036 and he was .167 I went a 12.24 and he went 9.74 The 330 time looks like I am on a 12.14 run. This is my favorite helmet cam shot of the day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTJGyGVZW60
R1 street 3:05pm With the rounds closer together I stick with the 12.12 dial as I expect the car to pick up. My opponent is dialed in at a 8.66   I was .057 and she was .170 I get lucky this round and dummy the stripe up giving it away .028 but luckily she is 4 under and I am a 10th over. The car picks up slightly and I was going around a 12 or 13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94h4BO4VbI0
R2 Sportsman 3:55pm Not a lot of pressure yet as there are 1st and 2nd round buybacks today so no matter what after the next two rounds I’m still in but let’s see if I can save some gas money. I draw the same guy I run in round 1 of sportsman. I dial a 12.14 and he is 9.65 this time. I was .045 and he was .088 He spun and I lifted to be way over. Looks like I was going 12.09 or 12.10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vssyWHfdFQ8
R2 Street 4:02pm I am dialed a 12.12 and my opponent is 9.00 I think I am holding a little here but can’t be sure bc once in a while I get the car staged to deep in a hurry to beat the tree coming down. I am .021 and get to make a time trial when my opponent is 7 red. I run it out to a 12.10 and like the consistency so far. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfSOeFGRQcU
R3 sportsman 4:51pm I stick with the 12.10 dial even though it has been a while since we ran BC it is getting later in the day and cooler out. Also it is rare for this car to slow down. Normally it will pick up if it’s going to make a big move. My opponent is 10.37   He was .120 and I was .056 (I am struggling on the tree today) and lift a tiny bit to take .059 and be a safe 2 above. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiZ3URMuo2c
R3 Street 4:57pm I draw Adam Woodmancy in a 2008 Mustang. I dial a 12.10 and he is 8.92 We both are deep staging and I rush into staging get in deep and go .004 red. I run the car out to a 12.04 so I would have had work to do on the big end. He was -.0006 and 9.00 This ends my 15 round win streak in the prizm dating back to last week. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFNMFLx8QWI
R4 sportsman 5:27pm semis. I dial a 12.06 as it has been a while since we ran so I don’t expect the car to go that fast but you never know in prizm land. I was a pansy and back off the tree and go .055 Fortunately my opponent Wayne Parsons, who dialed a 7.69, was .065 I back off a little at the stripe and go 12.08 taking .043 Wayne couldn’t run the number and went 7.74 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4s0-2VWnI8
R5 Sportsman 5:57 Final. It’s the Wally final and who is waiting for me but of course Jimmie Barrett. I wish someone would have knocked him out by now. If you replace the word Terminator in the video with Jiminator it almost perfectly describes him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKbZMIP4XUE I’m afraid Jimmie may be looked for revenge after his red light to me last week. I dial 12.06 and he dials a 7.77 How can I beat this guy? His car is better, he is better and he dials the lucky slot machine! I am .032 and he is .005 I give it two break pumps at the end and take .033 (4 ft) and see the light on his side. He was dead on 6 and I am six hundredths under. The prizm stabs me in the back although it picked a good time as I was mathematically ineligible at the hit. Jimmie, you’re the man! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZk51G3uoAM
Denny as made the bike final for the Wally only to miss a gear and come up short. We came close to repeating the last week but couldn’t get it done with the Wally trophy on the line. Fortunately the prizm go t the job done and got us home without breaking down. Don’t tell it I’m secretly shopping for a vehicle to replace it. Shhhh!
-$3325 balance - $55 in entries -$60 gas +$100 Ru money =$-3340 We went into the hole a little bit but looked like cheap fun to me.
                That wraps up this month. We had a lot of fun and even turned on some win lights. Also I think we may have the “real” race cars figured out for the upcoming months when the big bucks action will heat up. I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you can finish this one by only wasting one or two whole work days. 

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