Jonathan Robin: August Blog

The month of August did not have too much racing action as I only got to make it to two races this month. The first race of the two was the Cajun Super Series slated to kick off on the 6th which was an add on since the last one got rained out.

     This is Tony G. and I sitting in the rain looking for some where to race after CSS was caned. 
I pulled Into the gate on August 6th with hopes to do some damage in the points standings. Well after first two rounds of time trials the car varied .003 thou. I was feeling really good going into first round. I pulled to the line with a concern of the sun going down and the temp dropping 15* in the matter of an hour. So I did what everyone was thinking on doing and that was drop the dial .03 hundreds. With a game plan set I smack the tree (.003) look over and see my opponent went red so I legged the old girl out. I dialed a 5.02 and she ran 5.018 just what I was shooting for. This had me pumped for second round. Got the call for second round and so did the rain. Yep that’s right the makeup race got rained out also. Nice luck right? 
With only one race left for the month that was within 300 miles was the next CSS on August 20th. I took some much needed time off and spent a few weekends with the family. As the 20th was creeping up I was starting to get that itch. The night before the race my Father-In-Law invited me over for a birthday party for his wife. When he calls you go, it’s one of those deals you don’t want to miss. The down side is I had to race the next day. Oh well, you only live once.
             Some of the “good ole boys” at the party hanging out doing what they do best. (Party)    
Well after half a bottle of aspirin and a gallon of gator aid I was ready to head out to the races. This race was going to be somewhat important being that I still was tied for 1st in points. After a late start we pulled into the gate just in time to warm up and make a hit. I wonder why I was late! First hit was not so great. I decided let go of the button before the tree decided to come on resulting in a (-.068). Pesky tree was late that’s all. Got back to the trailer and decided it was time to get my head on straight and hit the tree. The car did exactly what I expected it to do. I just needed a driver to show up and wheel that thing.
                                                       This was me about to be faster than the tree.  
I got my stuff together 2nd hit with a .009 on the tree right where Nelly Bell needed to be. First round I drew Mr. Wayne Henry which some of you may not know him but he is a bad man. I knew I had to have my Sh*t together for this one. It was weird as I was bumping in he hit the button and backed out resulting in a red light. Not the way I wanted to turn the light on but with the way the points were going I’ll take it. My baby ran dead on 9 on the air it out pass which was a little off but it’ll do. Second round was one of the closest races of the season for me. I sent Luke a video hopefully he can get it up. 
                      This is us at about 500ft. I am trying to stay ahead at this point.
          160 feet later and a much needed Win light. I did everything I could to mess this one up.
   I was .012 on the tree to his .026 which gave me the advantage I needed. I put a .016 thou package which was just enough for this one. Third round was big being that the guy I am tied with won both rounds also. So third round I pull next to the track champion of both my local tracks. Not to smart right? Hey I was on a mission and I felt like my stuff was just as good as anyone there. I come up with a pretty solid game plan for this one, as I thought. I am .012 again on the tree to his .034 which is really what messed me up on this one. Just as I see that I have the advantage off the line and start to make my move he sprays up to me and pushed me out. I had a brain fart on this one. He did a great job of the “Spray and Dump”. I am still beating myself up about this one. It’s hard to get over those very winnable rounds that you don’t win.
                                                         Getting ready for 3rd blunder
As I loaded up my good friend and fellow points leader went on to take his hot rod to the semis.   This was a catch 22 for me. I wanted to see Wade win over everyone else but that meant he would pull further ahead in the standings. Wade is now 3 rounds ahead of me with 2 races left on the schedule. I need to make a move the next 2 races if I want to have a shot at it.
As I am writing this I am getting very excited with what’s to come for me. Labor Day weekend I will be attending a race at Montgomery Motorsports Park. They have 7 races on the schedule. 4-$7K and 3-$5K is a lot of racing in one weekend. The following weekend I have the Great American $50K at my home track. The weekend after that is 2-$4K at the KOC. Then the biggest weekend of the month is my anniversary. So needless to say September is going to be the crazy month of the year for me. As always thanks for reading my Trials and Tribulations. I have to give a give a shot out to my fellow Member Spotlight blogger Mr. Willie Burnett. He hooked me up with a much needed gift certificate.    
I would like to thank the people that make my racing operation: Mom and Dad, AAA PESCO INC., Huntsville Engines, APD, K&N, J&J Performance, Nitro Plate,, and Humpin & Dumpin Motorsports. Last but not least I would like to thank my beautiful wife, Brandi, for putting up with me and understanding the time restraints that this sport puts on us.      


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