Jonathan Robin: July Blog

Hold on this one is about the Marathon of drag racing. When I pulled in the gate at Twin City Motorsports Park I didn’t realize I would get to check something off my bucket list. The check mark went next to racing until the sun comes up. Literally!

On July 4th weekend I was looking for a race within the three tracks that are an hour from the house. Well they didn’t have one and no one else did either worth wild except Twin City. The problem with that was it is at least a five hour drive with no stops. I tossed it around because five hours for a one day race is stretching it for me. Light bulb! Let’s call my buddy Wade Ellis and double up in his trailer and pull it with my truck to split the cost. It sounded like a great idea at first. First he was out, but I was still going to go no matter what. He then came to his senses and said he was all in. The big plan was for me to drive an hour and a half to his house. Unload my car and put it in his trailer. Unhook my truck and hook it up to his trailer and get on down the highway. This all was great until I pulled into his driveway and my temperature gauge in my truck read 98 degrease. Good thing I packed some more close! We finally arrived at the track around five o clock after a long lunch stop. 
This race was a guaranteed 5 grander with a pretty nice pay structure. The entry was $150 for the first tech card and another $50 for your second. It was a little pricey for a 5 grander, but hey I had that itch. So of course after all that time invested in the trip Wade and I both purchased two tech cards. What the hell! The race was slated to start at 6:30pm because of the heat. It actually didn’t start until around 8:00, which was a good thing. It was Africa hot at the son of a b***h.
                                            (We had a nice spot at the end of the track.)        
As the sun was setting we were making our first time trial. Take note of time. First time trial I figured a 4.95 with the fresh oil and it went 4.94. Dial in for dollars was up next. I put a 4.93 on her knowing she normally picks up one the seconds pass. Bam! 4.9321 and the ten thousand counts because my buddy was dead on .0022 I was dead on .0021. He was mad at me until we found out the second to last car went dead on .0001. No cheese for this guy. Wade and I kicked first round off with four win lights. (1:15am) That’s what I’m talking about! Second round I got by with both of mine and Wade lost one.   (2:45am) Third round Wade dropped his last entry and somehow I held on to both of mine. (3:55am)
       (Sitting in the lanes 3rd round carrying my wait and see bye. I was .000 first round.)
Old Nelly Bell and I were clicking off passes left and right. I got both entries in at 16 and that’s when it really started to hit me that I have a chance to do some damage here. (5:15am) The car was unbelievable and my driving was right behind her. At this point I had the starting line advantage every time I staged. My finish line skills were just as good as ever. Everything was hitting on all eight until in the quarters I decided to take .023 and break out by .003. Ouch! That would cost me some added round money. I did manage to get the other entry bye that round.   (6:30am) The sun started to come up for the semi final round. I was undecided if I should adjust my delay, being the sun was coming up right behind the tree. I left it alone and was .026 to my guy’s red which was my lucky round of the night.
(Getting ready to go up for the finals at 7:00a.m.)                
For the final round I had a tuff opponent by the name of Mr. Kenny Kelly. I knew a .026 in the final wasn’t going to get it. I was going to pull ten out but my trusty crew said leave it alone and kill it. Great advice guys! I murdered it and I was only .021 to his .007. I couldn’t do nothing with it but feed em some at the stripe and hope for a breakout. Nope, that didn’t happen he spanked my Azz. One good thing is we negotiated a nice split. Two finals in a row and just can’t seem to get it done. Good thing I am a good negotiator. 
(That’s right I got me a looser picture. From Left to right: Tony G., Tadd G., NDMF, and Wade E.)
                                                                Picture was taken at 7:22a.m.
Even though this was one long and exhausting trip I had a great time. It was a much needed road trip that had a pretty good ending. I left my house on July, 2 at 8:00am and returned home on the July, 3 at 3:45pm with no sleep. I would like to thank the staff at Twin City for a job well done considering. This was truly a marathon from the time I turned the truck on to when I shut it off. 
 I had a race scheduled for the Cajun Super Series on the 16th but it got rained out. Next month I have a few races for points that I have to attend to try and hold on to my share in the points lead. I have some other big races coming up in September. So August is going to give me some much needed seat time to get ready for September.   I want to say thanks again for taken the time to read my trials and tribulations. 
 I would like to thank the people that make my racing operation: Mom and Dad, AAA PESCO INC., Huntsville Engines, APD, K&N, J&J Performance, Nitro Plate,, and Humpin & Dumpin Motorsports. Last but not least I would like to thank my beautiful wife, Brandi, for putting up with me and understanding the time restraints that this sport puts on us. 


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