Jonathan Robin: June Blog

 I left off in May on somewhat of a slump or bad driving some would call it. The month of June did not even have to have any racing in it to make it special. My wife is expecting our daughter towards the end of the month. Boy did this month live up to its billing. 

Let me get started with the racing part of this one. With everything going on between the wife about to pop and work implementing a ton of changes I opted to only run races that counted for points. This being the decision I chose that only left me with one race before the baby was expected. The Cajun Super Series had a two day race that counted for points both days. Since I was only two rounds out of first it was a no brainer that I had to make this one if any. 
I came into this race with a chip on my shoulder and I sure drove like it the first race. Time trials panned out the way that I wanted and got me motivated for eliminations. First round I got paired with the guy one point ahead of me in the standings. I knew I had my work cut out for me knowing how solid this driver normally is. I really needed this round so I set up 8 on the tree and turned it 6 green and to my surprise I drove up on him really early in the run. This had me scratching my head because I knew I was good on the tree and he is always there on the tree so this only had me thinking I was hotter than expected so I made sure I killed as much as possible. I wound up dropping to 4 over for the easy W. Needles to say he was 60 on the tree and dead on 4. Ouch! Second round played out the same exact way the first one did so that was nice. Third round I got the gift from the red light God’s which I do not get to enjoy too often.   I was 7 on the tree and 1 thou under on the single so I was ready for what he had anyway. Fourth round required a little more attention as my opponent I faced normally puts some tight packages together. My worst light up until this point was a 9 so I was confident on the tree so I rolled 2 out the box trying for 5 and set up 2 fast. Car left and I felt like I smashed the damn thing drove down there to find out that getting their first was not an option so I pulled the plug and gave it to him 3 thou at the stripe. He was 5 on the tree and 9 thou under to my 3 thou under. Best decision I made all year. 
 (If you can’t tell I am bumming a pit spot for the free electricity) Thanks Kevin and Wade.
Things really started looking up at this point because I drew the bye fifth round with that .002 reaction the round before. This was a perfect chance to sit back and see who was in what lane and get some data in the other lane that I only made one pass in all day. I chose to leave the box alone and went .003. Nice! Dialed the car in at 4.97 and went 4.968 not to bad heading into the semis. I drew a faster opponent in the semis but not by much. He dialed 4.89 to my 4.96 and the reason I went with the 96 is because the sun starting going down. Well we left I look over and I see I am ahead more than I should be so a couple of pumps on the old loud pedal and my W light came on. I was .008 on the tree dropped to dead on 9 to his .010 and 2 over. At this point I am feeling really good about my chances even though I have to race a man by the name of Gene “Earnhardt” Tanner. He is a bad man and I knew that he was my toughest draw of the day. I went into this round going for broke because that is what Tanner does every round.  He sets up 5 on the tree and dead on and is usually somewhere in that ball park. Having my fair share of run ends with Mr. Tanner I know he likes to split.   So I asked how was we going to chop this 4k and he was all ears for a split so we did so. I set up pretty tight for this one. I was set up 3 on the tree and 4.96 dial which seemed to be the lucky number. He dialed 5.10 which he had dialed all day long and made sure to let me know this little fact. I was filled with confidence knowing that I had been .00 all day and the car was just nasty. I proceed to bump the old girl in when just as I was flickering the bulb she must have been hungry because she took too big a bite. I mashed down on that button and said don’t do it to me. Yep you guessed it bright red light. Damn that hurt -.002 in the final is not what you want to see. To add insult to injury we ran down there and he went .028 over his dial all out and I was on a dead on pass. Nice! All in all it was a great day for my season being that I took over the points lead with that runner-up finish. I finally felt like I did something on the track. I drove the car like I was supposed to.     
The second day was about as short as this paragraph is going to be. It started great being that I missed first time trial and showed up for dial in for dollars and won. The success was short lived. I lost first and second round and had all the opportunity in the world to win both. First round broke out by .011 take .051 at the stripe. I know how can I do tha, well I did. Second round I am .011 on the tree to my guys .043 and find a way to drive around him and then give it back to him by .001. Not Nice! So I loaded the car in the trailer still running and some money in my pocket with a share in the points lead. That has to be a good weekend by most people’s standards. 
(Kenzlee and her big brother Cole)                               (My little angel, the new love in my life)
My wife gave birth to the newest addition to the family on June 15, 2011 at 10:56 a.m.   Kenzlee Ann Robin is the most wonderful thing a father could ask for. I have got my boy and girl and I couldn’t be happier. For those of you who think racing is everything and all you need then you haven’t experienced new life. Family is the most amazing thing in the world and my wife and two kids prove that too me every day. I am thankful to have family and friends that I do so I can balance the two things I love so dear. I already called a security company this week to get some iron bars put on the windows. I know how you boys think.
 I would like to thank the people that make my racing operation: Mom and Dad, AAA PESCO INC., Huntsville Engines, APD, K&N, J&J Performance, Nitro Plate,, and CP’s Cool Flash Pics. Last but not least I would like to thank my beautiful wife, Brandi, for putting up with me and understanding the time restraints that this sport puts on us. Thanks to all that took the time to read my up’s and downs of the 2011 racing season thus far.     


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