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A Graduation, Holiday, Wedding and Race
Hello again, race fans! In the past month, as summer has been slowly turning into a brisk fall in the lovely state of Ohio, I really do not have too much to report racing wise. Instead, I have been keeping busy this month with other life celebrations.
The Graduation
The first weekend of this blog cycle, Misti graduated from Ohio State with her Master’s degree. My family and I went to Columbus for the weekend to celebrate this accomplishment. We had a couple cookouts, and we went to the Columbus Zoo and Water Park that Saturday. I haven’t been to the zoo since I was a kid, and I had fun. Misti’s graduation was on Sunday and I am very proud of her. One perk of Misti being and Ohio State alumni is that we can get some OSU football tickets next year. Let’s hope that the Buckeyes start doing better in football and we’ll be good!
Misti’s graduation from Ohio State. From left: My sister Jennie, Misti, me, and My Cousin (and Misti’s Best Friend) Melody. Go Bucks!
The Holiday
The next weekend was Labor Day weekend. Misti and I went to Lake Erie to stay at her parents’ cottage. Misti’s dad is a fishing charter captain and they stay in Marblehead, OH all summer. It is really close to Cedar Point (Norwalk Raceway Park) and it is fun to go up there. If you want to check out her dad’s fishing website it is: www.driftawaycharters.com. There was a huge neighborhood cornhole tournament that we played in. There were 60 teams competing and it took all day. Misti and I lost third round. On Labor Day we left early in the morning and my parents came to Stow to spend the day with us. We to this neat town (Peninsula, OH) that is settled in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Later that day, my cousin Melody came and Misti, Melody, my Dad and I played tennis. Now, none of us have ever seriously played tennis, so that was definitely a site to see. We are all really competitive though, so we had a lot of fun! That weekend there was also an IHRA race in Darlington, SC. At the end of the weekend, I officially found out that I was the IHRA Division 3 Super Stock champion and I took second place in stock. I am really excited about this accomplishment and that news was a great way to end the Labor Day holiday.
Lake Erie marina at sunset.
The Wedding
The following weekend Misti and I went to Novi, MI for my fraternity brother’s wedding. I was a groomsman in the wedding. The wedding was really great. It was on a farm owned by Michigan State University and the wedding was in this old barn. The reception was in this tent outside the barn and the food was great. Then we all went back to the barn for the rest of the wedding activities. There were a lot of personal touches added to the wedding and it was really relaxed and fun. Ian and Racheal did a great job putting this wedding together and I am happy I was able to be a part of their big day. It was nice to see a lot of my friends from undergrad that I haven’t seen in a few years! 
Having fun at the wedding. Less than a year until our big day. 
The Race
This past weekend, I went home and raced at Quaker City, which is my home track. On Friday night I ran a bracket race in my good friend Ronnie Traupman’s C/SA 1996 Chevy Camaro Stock eliminator car. I am planning on racing this at the NHRA Northern Sports Nationals in Columbus race next weekend and wanted to get some practice. I got all the way to the semis in this car and lost in a really tight race. I think it was good practice for next weekend and I am excited to run the car. The following day, I raced my Cavalier in a Stock/Super Stock combo race at Quaker City. I was racing really well and made it into the finals with my friend Brent Darroch. I had a few problems with my car in the semifinals, It was getting really late, and the track was getting very dewy. Since we have the NHRA national event coming up next weekend and the IHRA World Finals this month, we both decided we didn’t want to put another run on our cars and decided to split the money instead. I thought that was a good way to end the racing weekend! I can’t complain one bit!
Thanks to Mike Carr, I have another great picture of my Cavalier!
Coming Up Next Month
Next month, as the racing season is winding down my blog will be a lot more focused on racing. This Wednesday I will be heading to Columbus for two NHRA races. On Thursday I will be finishing the race that was rained out in July. The remainder of the weekend will be a NHRA National Event. In October, we will be traveling to Richmond, VA for the IHRA Tournament of Champions. Since I won my division in Super Stock and runner-upped in Stock, I am able to compete in both classes for the national title. I am looking forward to both of these races! I will keep you posted on the outcomes, and until then I hope you have a great month ahead!
Thank You
Again this month, I would like to thank Luke for giving me the opportunity to share my life with all of you. I would like to thank my Dad, Ronnie Traupman, and Jerry Coblentz. Without their help, I would not be able to race as much as I do. I would also like to thank Mike Carr for putting together the Stock/Superstock combo race at Quaker City. I had a great time and hope I will be able to attend more events. And as always, a big thanks to supporting all my racing adventures.


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