How Points are Awarded
“Power Points” are earned by advancing to the final round of any event listed within the Auto Meter comprehensive schedule. In the effort to keep the points tally simple and fair, “Power Points” will be awarded based on the advertised (or estimated) prize money awarded for each individual event. As a general rule, 1 point will be awarded for every $1,000 increment. For the bracket competitors, this is a simple format: in an event that pays $10,000-to-win,  the winner will earn 10 points.  As voted on by TIBR Members, big dollar bracket runner-ups will earn half the points of the winner (so runner-ups in a $10,000-to-win event will earn 5 points).  In the event that the winners purse is an odd point total ($5,000 = 5 points), the runner-up will be awarded a point value that is rounded down ($5,000 Runner-Up = 2 points).  Points will be capped at 25 per event (so that the winner of the million dollar race isn’t the automatic champion). National and divisional event prizes vary due to a given competitors contingency claims, so we’ve set a standard for those events (listed below). In NHRA Competition, points will be awarded for the following categories: \Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, Super Gas, and Super Street. In IHRA, points will be awarded for Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, Super Stock, Stock, Quick Rod, Super Rod, Hot Rod, and ET Classes. Competitors do not need to do anything to sign up for the program, we will automatically reward points throughout the season to winners and runner-ups at events on the comprehensive schedule. At season’s end, these rankings will determine the Driver of the Year.  The 2012 Driver of the Year and each of the top ten finishers will earn prize packages at seasons end. Click on the "Prizes" link for up to date details.  In order to be eligible for year end prizes, racers must be a registered annual subscriber of by September 1, 2012. 
NHRA & IHRA Event Points:
NHRA Nat’l (or SportsNational) Win: 15 points R/U: 5 points
IHRA Nitro Jam or TOC Qualifier Win: 7 points R/U: 3 points
IHRA Sportsman Spectacular Win: 10 points R/U: 4 points
NHRA LODRS Win: 3 points R/U: 1 point
IHRA Pro-Am Win: 3 points R/U: 1 point
NHRA/IHRA ET Finals Win: 5 points R/U: 2 points


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