Driver Name:
John Labbous, Jr.

Event Name Event Date Track Score Class Finish
PBIR 5-Day 11/17/2012 Palm Beach International Raceway (map) 10 1/4 Mile Win
PBIR 5-Day 11/16/2012 Palm Beach International Raceway (map) 16 Dragster Shootout Win
SGMP Super Buck Blast 11/3/2012 South Georgia Motorsports Park (map) 25 $50k Shootout Runner-Up
CARS Million 10/19/2012 Montgomery Motorsports Park (map) 10 Triple 20's Friday Runner-Up
Monster Mopar Weekend Fall Ball 9/22/2012 Lucas Oil Raceway (map) 5 Super Pro Win
Ultimate 64 Shootout 6/23/2012 Mt. Park Dragway (map) 5 Door Car Shootout Win
Ultimate 64 Shootout 6/22/2012 Mt. Park Dragway (map) 10 Super Pro Win
Super 7 Series 6/16/2012 Montgomery Motorsports Park (map) 7 Pro Win
Spring Fling Bracket Championship 5/20/2012 Bristol Dragway (map) 2 Door Car Shootout Runner-Up
Super 7 Series 4/28/2012 Montgomery Motorsports Park (map) 3 Pro Runner-Up
Super 7 Series 4/1/2012 Montgomery Motorsports Park (map) 7 Pro Win
IHRA Division 2 Summit Pro-Am 2/4/2012 Immokalee Regional Raceway (map) 1 Top Dragster Runner-Up


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