5/15/2014 - Today's question comes from TIBR subscriber Lee Sweitzer, who asks:
I'm thinking about trying my hand at electronics racing in the near future. But i still prefer to be able to run no-box with the same car. I know it's different for every track and division (I'm in NHRA division 7) but as a general rule, what has to be done to run the same car in a box and a no-box category like Summit Pro and Summit Super Pro? Is zeroing the delay box generally acceptable, does the box have to be removed for the no box category, etc?

With few exceptions, just about every track that I’ve run requires that the box be removed for No Box or Footbrake competition. I run both classes regularly with my Vega, and I’ve got a setup that allows the box to be removed or installed in a matter of seconds. It includes a mounting bracket with a quick pin and a weatherpack connector for the wiring. I can take a photo and send it to you if you’d like. To run Box and No Box at the same event, I made a separate weatherpack connector that plugs in when the box is disconnected: it simply jumps the “switch” wire to the “transbrake” wire so that the transbrake (& 2-step) is live with the same button. This way I can use the same button whether I’m racing top bulb or bottom bulb. Typically, I use a longer throw button to slow my reaction time in No Box and still use the same launch RPM in both classes – I’ve got both buttons side by side on the steering wheel, and they’re jumped together so that both are active all the time.

I hope that helps – again if you’d like to see a photo of my setup just let me know and I’ll send one over.

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