Preview - Tutorial 50, Racing Your "Nemesis"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 50:

I think we can all single out at least one Nemesis, and maybe several, based upon the criteria provided above. There are racers who we want to beat because we simply don’t get along with them. That form of motivation can be the trickiest, because there is emotion involved. We all have potential opponents that we regard as the best of the best. Hopefully, we consider this opponent to be our equal (not superior) because we believe we’re pretty good too. Even if we don’t, we have to convince ourselves that it’s one run; and we’re certainly capable of making the better run right here and right now. These opponents are racers that we respect, but should not be racers that we fear.
The third and most common nemesis is the racer who we don’t necessarily feel is head and shoulders above us in terms of skill level, equipment, etc. Yet, for whatever reason, this is a racer that we just can’t seem to beat. Believe me, I know the feeling. I can think of one particular racer that simply has my number. If I post a .002 package, he’ll post a .001. If he red lights, I’ll cross the center line. I just can’t seem to beat him. He’s a good racer, don’t get me wrong, but in my mind no one should beat me 8 times in a row (or however many), and he has.


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