Preview - Tutorial 49, "Racing Similar Speed Opponents"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 49:

In theory, a heads-up or nearly heads-up run should be the “easiest” in which to judge the finish line. In these matchups, our opponent is rarely far away on the race track, so we generally don’t lose sight of them at any point during the run. Plus, there’s usually not great separation, so the rate of closure is either non-existent or very subtle. Generally in a heads-up race the car that is ahead at half track will be the first one to reach the finish line. Yet, many a racer (even very good racers) struggle with heads-up or near heads-up runs more than any other matchup. Within the next few pages I’ll try to decipher exactly why that is the case, and give some suggestions in an effort to improve your game in similar speed contests.


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