Preview - Tutorial 48, "How I Lost It"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 48:

The race that I’m going to detail in this column was actually the last event that I competed in: the NHRA Division 7 Lucas Oil Series event in Las Vegas, NV last November. I came into the event in contention for the NHRA Lucas Oil championship in Super Comp, although admittedly a long shot at the title. Most of you know that I’m not the world champion, so it’s no surprise to any of you at this point that I did not win this event. So this column is not the typical “How I Won It,” in fact it’s more along the lines of “How I lost it.” I’m writing this column for two main reasons. First, it’s sort of therapeutic. The loss wasn’t devastating; I’ve been there before and I realize that the stars had to align for me to pull of the event win and steal the championship. Plus, I don’t feel like I choked; I enjoyed an excellent season and I made a decent run when I lost, it just wasn’t quite good enough. With that said, I did replay the fourth round of this event about 1,000 times on my 2,000 mile ride home over the next three days.

The second, and more important reason that I chose to write about this topic is because I feel like it’s educational. It takes a special competitor to learn from winning; but everyone should be able to learn something from a loss. I learned from this one, and hammered home some theories that I know well, but either chose not to follow or failed to execute. I want to share what I’ve learned with each of you, and presents the forum to do just that. In the process, hopefully this column makes each of us just a little bit better. That, after all, is what TIBR is all about.


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