Preview - Tutorial 47, "Bracket Racing Vernacular"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 47:

This month I’m going in a different direction entirely. For many of you, particularly those of you who speak the language of sportsman drag racing on a daily basis like I do, this column will be more humorous than enlightening or thought provoking. That’s fine, in fact it’s actually the idea I had in mind when I first had the thought to write it. My reasoning, however, for continuing with the column is that in research and practice it has dawned on me that not every bracket racer speaks this same language. In fact, when I think about it several of the terms and sayings that I and others use to describe various aspects of our sport can be vague, misleading, or completely foreign; not only to the uneducated listener, but even to longtime racers who have always thought of the ins and outs of our sport in more common and concrete terms (dial-in, breakout, reaction time, etc.).


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