Preview - Tutorial 46, "How I Won It" (2012 NHRA Spring Nationals, Super Gas)

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 46:

The race that we’ll talk about this month is actually an event that I’ve been looking forward to writing about since it happened. The race was an NHRA national event this spring in Houston, TX. I managed a win in Super Gas with my (then) brand new Charlie Stewart Race Cars ’63 Corvette Roadster. I wanted to review this event for several reasons. First, I intentionally implemented each of the three basic finish line strategies during the event. Second, this sequence allows us to practice and get some real-world feedback on the weather-based dialing principles we discussed in Tutorial 44. And third, reading Jody Lang’s recent guest tutorial got me really jacked up to get back on the “how I won it” kick! Without further ado, let’s go back to April for the NHRA O’Reilly Spring Nationals.


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