Preview - Tutorial 3 "Developing a Positive Routine"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 3, Developing a Positive Routine

"Everything that we’ve talked about on this website for the last three months, and everything we’ll talk about in the future is aimed at making the proper decisions, processing information, and executing a game plan during a drag race that will last somewhere between four and eleven seconds, total. That’s a lot of work and thought that we’re trying to implement for a very brief interval. So, it goes without saying, that for those 4-11 seconds (and the roughly two seconds that lead up to that interval), it is imperative that we reach a level of focus and concentration that allows us to maximize our abilities for that short period of time. We need to be able to get into “the zone” for a very brief period of time. To me, developing a quality routine is the key component to being able to constantly reach that “zone” on every run down the race track."

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