Preview - Tutorial 43, "How Tight to Set Up"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 43:

We’ve all been there at some point… We’re -.001 in a pivotal round of competition. Inevitably, or so it seems, this is the round that our opponent posts a subpar reaction time, or runs way off their dial, or has mechanical trouble. And we tell ourselves, “Why did I have to go red? Any green light would have won that round!”

Conversely, we’ve all lost those rounds where we’re solid on the tree, but conservative. Let’s say that we’ve been between .015 and .025 all day, but we won’t be any more aggressive. We’re .018 and our opponent is .011, dead on with a 5. We’re a loser despite not really making an error in terms of execution. And we tell ourselves “If I had only been more aggressive on the tree… I had been good all day, why didn’t I step it up and try to be .00?”

The million dollar question (okay, that may be overstating it; but for most of us it could legitimately be a $5,000 question) is this: Where is that happy median? (Authors note: I actually wasted about half an hour researching whether the correct wording is “happy median” or “happy medium.” The experts go both ways, I’m rolling with “median…” If you don’t like it, mentally substitute “medium”). How tight should we be set up on the tree?


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