Preview - Tutorial 39, "Analyzing Your Opponents"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 39:

What you read in the following Ohlins Monthy Tutorial is not Step 1. Far from it. What I’ll discuss in the upcoming pages has roots in Tutorial 6, 7, 8 and 9 (the true foundation of TIBR). If you’re not well versed in those basic ideas, and/or you haven’t reached a point in your racing career where you feel comfortable executing each of the basic strategies with precision, be careful not to get ahead of yourself. There’s nothing wrong if you’re not to this point, it doesn’t mean you’re behind the curve. Everyone has different levels of experience, natural talent, and we all progress at a different pace. That’s what TIBR is all about. I just wanted to offer the disclaimer because as racers, we’re not ready to worry about what’s going on in the other lane until we’re supremely confident in our ability to execute on our own side of the track. Skipping over the introductory columns and focusing on implementing what we talk about today would be like stepping into the batter’s box and worrying about what pitch is coming when we can’t hit the ball off a tee. We spend a bunch of time overanalyzing a situation that is way beyond our current skill level. Always focus on improving your mastery of the fundamentals before moving on to the next level.


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