Preview - Tutorial 38, "My First National Event"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 38:

The topic for this month’s column comes from a suggestion by one of our subscribers. In a nutshell, what the subscriber asked for were tips for the sportsman racer who would be attending their first national event. Since the vast majority of our subscriber base has a fair amount of racing experience, I’m going to assume that the national event rookie is not necessarily a newcomer to racing. There are many racers (I can include myself in this group) who will have a great deal of experience on the local and regional level before throwing their hat into the ring of national event competition. So, if you’re an experienced (and hopefully somewhat successful) bracket racer who is either ready to make the jump into national event competition or has done so in the past without success, this column is for you. Hopefully each of you can draw on my experience and observations to help speed up the learning curve!


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