Preview - Tutorial 36, "Conspiracy Theory"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 36:

In racing, sportsman racing in particular, it’s common for the “little guy” (the 99%) to point fingers at the “big guy” (the 1%). The 1% is the racer that wins more often; or the racer with a sponsor; or the racer with the newer, more advanced equipment; or the racer that has more than one car or competes in more than one class. The common complaint that we hear in the pits is that (insert name here) only wins because he or she has better equipment than we do. Or because he or she gets all the breaks. Or because he or she has something on his or her car the rest of us don’t. Or better yet: because he or she is cheating.

“Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy.”

People are successful for a reason. Take whoever you view as the best racer you know. What makes them great? Successful people in the racing community (or in just about any pursuit) have dedicated their lives to their passion and the pursuit of excellence in their chosen field.


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