Preview - Tutorial 35, "The Perfect Weapon"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 35:

I’m going to approach the topic from the standpoint of someone who is starting with a completely blank page, an empty trailer. This individual wants to go racing, and wants to be as successful as possible with the least investment necessary. In my examples, I’m going to describe my thought process in that order: success is the top priority. We’ll keep cost effectiveness in mind, but we’ll assume that initial cost isn’t a major concern. With that in mind, where does he or she begin?

I’ll preface my thoughts by noting that I certainly realize what I’m characterizing is the perfect situation in a highly imperfect world. In reality, most of us are handcuffed to a particular racing vehicle or at least a genre of competition vehicles due to economic constraints, individual talents or preferences, sponsorship obligations, and in many instances an emotional bond to a machine that’s been a part of the family, so to speak, or that we’ve invested countless hours of labor and love that can never be replaced. Believe me, I get that. But this column is going to look beyond that. If we truly had a blank page, what vehicle would give us the best tool for the job, and why?


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