Preview - Tutorial 30, "When You're Struggling"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 30:

I think the time has come to tackle the elephant in the room. We all go through it from time to time. No matter who we are, what our skill level is, or how successful we’ve been on the race track, we all have down times. At some point, we all struggle, and every racer goes through a “slump” at one time or another. Our struggles can come in a myriad of forms, as there are a lot of ways to lose in our sport. Sometimes, we just fall apart on the starting line and can’t string together competitive reaction times. Other times, we simply can’t get a grip on the finish line and constantly make mistakes on that end of the track. There are times when our competition vehicle won’t cooperate, and the car isn’t consistent enough to be competitive on a regular basis. Sometimes it all converges at once and we can’t seem to do ANYTHING right. Still yet, sometimes we feel like our program is pretty strong, but seemingly every opponent is a little bit stronger. The end result is the same; we’re not winning. How can we bust the slump?


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