Preview - Tutorial 26, "Super" Class Thoughts & Strategies (Part 2)

Part 2 of a 2-part series on Super Class strategy...

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 26:
My personal vehicles have always been built more for bracket competition than anything else. And while I had done some testing for the .90 classes in the past, I never put in the time and effort to make my throttle stop combination any more than competitive. Generally, I felt like I had decent “.90” cars beneath me, but I don’t ever remember believing that I had the best car at the track. As a result, I often staged for rounds of .90 competition with the belief that I could run… Under the index (and that was all I really knew)! With that approach, I enjoyed mixed success: several event wins, and a handful of division championships. But I never was a real threat to win week in and week out.

Then, I built and tested a car exclusively for 8.90 competition; and developed a combination I could trust in throttle stop competition. With such a great hot rod, I was no longer handcuffed to the “Driver” strategy. With years of using that approach, I still had that club in the bag when the situation dictated its use, but with such a great race car I now had options. I could implement the “Dialer” and “Spot Dropper” strategies with precision. And with that, I became the rarity in the “Super” classes: a monster. That’s what we’re going to talk about this month; the advantaged of creating and perfecting a competitive .90 class combination.


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