Preview - Tutorial 22, Compartmentalizing Our Routine (and Run)

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 22:

We could list out literally hundreds of objectives for each run down the race track, and dozens of different variables that could trigger thousands of different reactions and decisions from us as a driver. How can we possibly remember all of this stuff and make the correct moves all day long?

The solution that I’ll illustrate is to break your routine and decision making process into segments; to compartmentalize. Anyone who is successful in what they do performs these simple mental tasks each and every day. To achieve positive results we break our large project down into small tasks and approach each task individually. By doing so, we can take a huge list of objectives and create a much smaller, more precise agenda. Once we handle that agenda, we’ll move on to the next. In doing so, we not only eliminate some of the intimidation from the size of the total project, we also place more attention to detail on the individual steps needed to complete the entire process, hence improving the final result.

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