Preview - Tutorial 21, Taking Your Show on the Road

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 21: Taking your Show on the Road

This month’s column is about making the progression from a winning local weekly racer to a competitive traveling racer (whether you take on that challenge weekly, once a month, or once a year). In theory, and in practice, there isn’t a huge difference between winning a Saturday night Super Pro event at your home track and winning a $10,000 race two states away, or the NHRA E.T. Finals, or the U.S. Nationals. The game doesn’t change: the same objectives, strategies, and principles that we discuss here on TIBR apply to each of those venues. A good run is a good run, regardless of the stage.

With that said, there are subtle differences between local competition and the bigger events. Some of these differences are tangible, some are intangible. Some of the challenges presented are physical, but like most things related to racing, most are mental. I’ll do my best to outline the subtle changes in preparation, mindset, strategy, and execution that go into winning at the higher level events.


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