Preview - Tutorial 15, Nitrous Oxide Tricks & Techniques

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 15, Nitrous Oxide Tricks & Techniques

The main advantage to having nitrous oxide in classes where it’s use is allowed is that it allows us to be deceptive. In order to deceive an upcoming opponent, they have to be paying attention. The racer who strictly focuses on their own program with little or no regard to their opponents cannot be deceived. Most successful racers, however (myself included), like to study opponents. As I’ve said before, I like to have the answers before I take the test. So, being able to manipulate your cars ET can be extremely beneficial. There are several ways to manipulate E.T. without broadcasting it in your dial-in. Nitrous oxide, however, is really the only way that you can change the complexion of the race at any point during the run by manipulating your track position.

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