Preview - Tutorial 9, Becoming a "Monster"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 9: Becoming a "Monster"

Anyone who has ever won a race on any level is capable of executing at least one of the three basic strategies that we've described (The 'dialer', The 'Driver', The 'Spot Dropper') with some degree of success. However, the consistent winners are the drivers who are adept at all three of these strategies (and variations of all three), and are willing to implement various game plans as the situation calls for them. Today’s column is going to about the “Monster.” The “Monster” isn’t a dialer, a driver, or a spot-dropper. The “Monster” is all three rolled into one. The “Monster” is the guy you don’t want to race, because the “Monster” is going to make an excellent run that is hard to beat, and you can’t plan for it; because he’s subject to do anything. Scotty Richardson is a monster. Peter Biondo is a monster. Each of our guest instructors on TIBR are monsters. And there are several more in various forms of bracket competition throughout the country. You want to become a monster, but where do we start?

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