Preview - Tutorial 70: Of Mice and Men... And Ignition Boxes

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 70:

Digital ignition boxes are nothing new. The analog boxes of years past began to be replaced with higher powered digital versions well over a decade ago. My understanding is that, in addition to providing a higher rate of discharge (spark), the digital technology allows programmers greater flexibility to add and adjust features of the ignition system (rpm limiters, ignition timing, etc.). Advanced analog boxes include many of these same features, but every function on an analog box needs to be activated by a separate electronic device- something needs to turn them on. Digital ignition boxes allow the capability to pre-set these functions based on time from transbrake release and/or rpm and distance traveled. In simple terms, rather than running a wire from a timer or delay box to a function such as a timing retard, that function can all be controlled internally by the digital ignition box.


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