Preview - Tutorial 69: An Attempt to Justify My Recent Success

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 69:

As I look back on the past two seasons, I see unparalleled success. While I obviously enjoy the accomplishments, and try to soak it all in as much as possible, there’s a huge part of me that wants to know why. Why is it that I’m having more success now than I did five years ago, or ten years ago? What am I doing differently? I bracket raced for years, and chased the IHRA tour a couple of times without earning a championship. In my first two seasons of chasing an NHRA title I came close, with a quartet of top-ten finishes, but couldn’t quite get over the top. What’s been different about these past two years? I ask myself these questions as much for my own good as anything: I want to be able to duplicate this success going forward, or at least pinpoint the areas of improvement that have enabled it in an attempt to continue that same upward trajectory. While I perform this exercise in large part for my own benefit, I feel like this introspection can be helpful to each of you. Whether your goal is an NHRA World Championship or a local track championship, the skills, tools, competition, and desire necessary to get there is the same. Hopefully some of the thoughts and ideas that I share here can help you in the pursuit of your own goals.


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