Preview - Tutorial 68: Deciphlering Reaction Time

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 68:

We’ve discussed at length the importance of determining reaction times; doing so creates the blueprint for the entire race. We introduced the idea back in Tutorial 1, harped on it again in Tutorial 9, and have made reference to that core idea in multiple other writings. Thanks to these tutorials, I think we all get the idea: if we could hit pause on our run just after leaving the starting line and print a time slip, we’d be at a huge advantage. In the 60+ tutorials here on TIBR, we’ve yet to really discuss how to determine the reaction time difference in our car, on the race track. Outside of some explanation in a couple of JEGS Q&A topics years ago, and some vague references in our tutorials, it’s a topic we really haven’t touched on. In what is likely a long overdue column, that topic is the focus of Tutorial 68: Deciphering Reaction Times.


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