Preview - Tutorial 67: Applying Some Wooden Logic to Our Game

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 67:

My family and I recently enjoyed a relaxing vacation; a weeklong cruise through the Atlantic with stops in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. It was paradise: when I wasn’t sipping Pina Collates or enjoying the company of my wife and little guy, I had my nose buried in a book. In this case, a mountain of a book: Seth Davis’s 500+ page biography of 10-time NCAA champion UCLA head basketball coach John Wooden, called Wooden, A Coach’s Life. First off, it was a great read. Most of you know that I love to read, I’m a huge fan of college basketball, plus I really like biographies and autobiographies about successful people in all walks of life (and I can generally identify with sports figures). As I tend to do, I not only enjoyed learning more about the subject of the book, I also took away a number of things from John Wooden’s success that I could apply to our world in racing (and in my case, teaching).


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