Preview - Tutorial 66: Purse Redistribution

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 66:

In this month’s column we’re going to talk about splits, or more accurately, redistributing the purse. “Splitting” is a common occurrence at bracket events ranging from weekly races to the richest events in the land. Yet, I’m often floored by the splits that I’m presented with in the late rounds, and some of the deals that I’m told about in various events. While I think that everyone understands the idea of redistributing the purse, there are some pretty crazy interpretations of it; and there are racers who (knowingly or unknowingly) get taken advantage of in split situations and sometimes leave a ton of money on the table. As a result, I’ve decided to use this space in our Ohlins Monthly Tutorial and dedicate it to what I feel is a common sense approach to purse redistribution.


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