Preview - Tutorial 64: The Pursuit of Improvement

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 64:

A year ago, I posted a column titled “Improvement and Success, It’s a Process” – it was Tutorial 52. Today’s column is an extension of that in some regards. Within Tutorial 52, I basically broke down our on track success into two equally critical components: Understanding and execution. I will assume that as TIBR members you have taken advantage of the opportunity to utilize the large pool of resources available here on the site, which should have each of you in a pretty good place in terms of understanding. That’s key, because understanding is the foundation for which all success must be achieved. As we all know, however, the gap between being a consistent winner and an “also ran” isn’t limited exclusively to understanding. Knowledge is power, but it’s wasted without proper execution. That’s the subject of this month’s column: execution. Within the following paragraphs I will attempt to lay out several steps that each of us can take to improve.


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