Preview - Tutorial 63, Throttle Stop Tuning Basics

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 63:

As I try to do anytime that I focus more on the mechanical aspect of racing than on driving or mentality, I want to preface my statements by assuring each of you that I am not a mechanical engineer. I’m not even a particularly good mechanic. As a result, I often struggle to explain why a certain idea, principle, or product works or doesn’t work. What I am is a racer. And I’m a tinkerer. And if I’m confident enough to write something here it’s because I’ve tried it; and I know that it either worked or didn’t work for me in real race conditions on a real race track. My opinions aren’t rooted in a study of mechanics or physics; they come from trial and error. As a result, I apologize if I’m not always able to verbalize some of my points. Rest assured that I am making my best effort to lead you in the right direction!


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