Preview - Tutorial 60, The Perceived Advantage of Speed

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 60:

This month’s column will take a bit of a “Myth Busters” theme. Like anything, there are a lot of myths about and within our sport. Some myths have validity, some are kind of extreme, and others are rooted in ignorance. In fact, I think ignorance is a good word to describe a lot of myths. Ignorance and stupidity are not interchangeable words. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge or information. I think most of us can agree that many of our sport’s myths are rooted in ignorance.

“It’s easier to win in a dragster.” That myth is often preached by racers who have never driven anything but a door car.

“It’s easier to compete with a delay box.” Most often, this comes from the mouth of a bottom bulb racer.

“The Mopar combination isn’t factored accurately,” said the died-in-the-wool Chevrolet class racer.

With experience and information, and only with experience and information, can we honestly confront common myths and create our own educated opinions. In this column, I’ll share my opinions (based on experience and information) on a handful of common myths.


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