Preview - Tutorial 59, "How Do You Want to Win?"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 59:

Unlike most of the tutorials here on TIBR, where I try to share an idea, philosophy, or strategy that you can apply on the race track or in your race preparation to improve your game as a racer, this column is 100% opinion. It’s not a tutorial, it’s an editorial. I hope that many of you will agree with my opinion, because obviously I think I’m right… But I don’t want this to even come across as a “Here’s how you do it” tutorial. This is an opinion, and trying to sway each of you to believe the same opinion as I do isn’t promoting teaching or learning; it’s promoting a groupthink atmosphere that simply isn’t healthy. You’re each entitled to your own opinion – and you’re entitled to share it via e-mail or the American Race Cars “Strategy Session” forum here on TIBR. My hope is that my words here will provide a little bit of food for thought, as I voice my own personal opinions.


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