Preview - Tutorial 57, The Difference between Bracket Racing and Super/Rod Class Racing

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 57:

In this column, we’ll cover a subject that I’ve given a lot of thought in recent years. Obviously, the reason for that is because bracket racing and super class racing are how I make my living. More bracket racing in previous years, more super class racing today; but I’ve always tried to do a little bit of each. I’ll give a disclaimer up front that I’m not sure this column will have hit home the way that I hope some others here on TIBR have: many of you are strictly bracket racers or strictly index racers. As a result, this column won’t generate a ton of interest from some of you. In addition, even those of you that do dabble in various forms of competition may disagree (sometimes vehemently) with what I’m about to say. That’s OK too. My job here at TIBR is to stimulate thought in an effort to make each of you examine your own racing program more closely. While it may not be in the typical way, I’m confident that this column will accomplish that goal.


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