Preview - Tutorial 4 "Reading & Understanding the Timeslip"

A brief excerpt from TIBR Written Tutorial #4 – Reading & Understanding the time slip:

“Some of you are information freaks: you try to detail every facet of every run and you may have a number of racing related products and resources to help you do that (log books, weather stations, run-predictors, data loggers, temperature guns, and other devices that attempt to isolate as many of the variables that go into making consistent runs as possible). Some of you may fly completely by the seat of your pants. Most of us fall somewhere in between; we’ve got a handful of methods for gathering information, and from that information we attempt to make educated decisions. The one thing we all have is our time slip from the previous round. So, let’s start our focus on making sure that we can get all of the useful data available from that small piece of paper.”

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