Preview - Tutorial 53, Bracket Racing Etiquette

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 53:

My hope in writing this column is that it might provide a little bit of perspective. I’ve raced all over the country, from the U.S. Nationals to $200-to-win Footbrake races; from mega facilities to outlaw tracks with motion lighting in the shutdown area (true story!). I won’t pretend that I’ve seen it all, but believe me, I’ve seen a lot in this sport. I constantly get a kick out of local competitors who have fallen into a routine of racing etiquette and convinced themselves over time that the things they do are fair and just (and are a fair representation of our sport). When racers handle themselves in a manner that I disagree with, for the most part I don’t think they have ill intentions. I think they’re just ignorant, and they’re so absorbed in their own world that they’re failing to see the big picture. My hope with this column is to dispel a little bit of that ignorance and provide some perspective.


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